Galentine's Day

Next Thursday, 13 February 2025

Get together with your gal-pals for a day of mani-pedi and fun on February 13th to celebrate Galentine's Day.

If you value your female friendships as much as your significant other, but you struggle to express your affection towards them, then you should never miss out on this opportunity. 

The concept of Galentine's Day is similar to Valentine's Day but for female friendships. It is a day to celebrate your women friends and shower them with gifts and appreciation. 

Female friendships are one of the strongest bonds between people, women love to support their friends, are great listeners, and are always there for their friends, so it's no wonder this fictional holiday became so popular!

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How did Galentine's Day become a thing?

It is a pop-culture-based holiday that originated in the TV show Parks and Recreation and was quickly adopted by people in real life. On February 11th, 2010 the TV show aired an episode named "Galentine's Day" where Leslie Knope (the main character) throws the annual Galentine's Day party on the eve of Valentine's Day. 

All her female friends attend the party and Leslie declares that the way platonic female love between friends should always be celebrated with a long brunch, many balloons, and an exchange of presents and life stories. 

“Every February 13, my ladyfriends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies.”

- Leslie Knope 

After the airing, the holiday quickly gained popularity with women across the globe and many adopted the celebration for their friend groups. 

The Impact of Galentine's Day

The rising popularity of Galentine's Day is a display of how important friendships have become in later years. Previously friendships were considered to be secondary to relationships such as marriage, kids, and family.

Nowadays more people acknowledge that friendships play a huge role in shaping who we are. Friends are crucial people in everyone's lives, helping us navigate the world, offering support and advice, and always being there for a good time. Especially for younger people, friendships provide stability and meaning and complement all other relationships.

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This is often true of female friendships. The bond between women is strong, built on common experiences, understanding, and support. Indeed, female friendships can sometimes be under or misrepresented, which is why Galentine's Day resonated with women across America - it gives them a chance to show their girlfriends how much they appreciate them. 

The day is trendy on social media, where people share posts with their girlfriends with the hashtag #GalentinesDay. Many businesses also take advantage of the popularity of this day to sell Galentine's Day cards, merchandise, spa deals, and discounts on brunches.

The Top Five Ways to Celebrate Galentine's Day

1. Brunch!

If you and your friends are getting together to celebrate Galentine's Day, you must do it over brunch! Whether you all get together at your favorite restaurant or do it virtually over a video call, Leslie intended this day to be filled with waffles, frittatas, and bottomless drinks. 

2. Shopping

In true Parks and Recreation fashion, don't forget to "treat yo'selves"! Go shopping together, enjoy a spa session, or get together for mani-pedis. This day is all about you and your girlfriends.

3. Build Friendships

Take this day to catch up on each other's lives, reminisce about the good times you've spent together, and make plans for the future. There is nothing like a good chat with your friends to put you in a good mood. 

4. Go to the movies

Catching the latest movie with your best buddies is a great way to spend time together and celebrate Valentine's Day. Combine it with a meal and have an evening out. 

5. Give a gift

Show your gal-friend just how well you know them by giving them the perfect present. You know them best, so use that knowledge and treat them to something nice. 

No matter how you choose to celebrate this day, the important thing is to use the time to remember the female friends in your life. Even if you have no time to do the things above, spending just a few minutes texting a friend to thank them for all they've done could transform someone's day. 

Galentine's Day
Galentine's Day

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