International Ideas Month

Next Saturday, 1 March 2025

March is International Ideas Month so get your creativity cap on and think! There is no crazy or stupid idea this month so jot down all your thoughts. 

Throughout history, ideas have been the driving force behind progress and change. From groundbreaking inventions to revolutionary theories, ideas shape the world we live in. Just imagine if visionaries like Thomas Edison, Marie Curie, or Steve Jobs had kept their ideas to themselves.

International Ideas Month

Ideas That Are Just Genius


Yes, it seems silly that there was a time before toilets were invented but there is. It is believed to have been invented around 1584 by Sir John Harrington. Before his invention, people used the chamber pot to answer the nature's call.


Washing Hands in Hospitals

Hospitals undoubtedly pose significant risks if public health standards are not maintained. However, did you know that it was not until 1846 that doctors washed their hands? Yes, it was a Hungarian Doctor named Ignaz Semmelweis who finally started this measure.
He was really disturbed by the fact that so many women in the maternity ward were dying after childbirth and wanted to figure out the reason. Through a series of experiments, he discovered the golden method of washing hands with Chlorine!

Doctors washing their hands

Jelly Cloth For Keyboards

While this one isn't as great as inventing a telephone or toilet, it is definitely a tool that will make your lives much more convenient. 
Have you ever wondered how to clean the gaps between keys on your keyboard, calculator and so on? Well, there are jelly cloths that have been specially designed for this occasion. While it is not clear who came up with this idea, it is definitely a creative one. 

Jelly Cloth for keyboard
Image Source: Amazon

Fun Wordplay

Once, a twitter user Will posted "Who tf decided to call it emotional baggage and not griefcase?" Yes, while it might not have changed the world, it is definitely a creative idea so this serves as a reminder that no idea is too big or small. Every thought counts. 


Potato Chips

A go to snack, it's hard to believe that there was a time when people were not aware of potato chips. However, the idea came to a New York Chef by accident. 

It was in 1853 that a Chef named George Crum became annoyed as his one of his customers repeatedly returned his french fries complaining that it was not crispy at all. Thus, Crum decided to cut potatoes into super thin pieces and deep fry them. The customer had no reason to complain anymore.

See, sometimes the most creative ideas come accidentally!
Crispy Potato Chips

Celebrate International Ideas Month Your Way

  • Jot down all your ideas in a journal! No matter how small or insignificant it may seem, every thought has the potential of blooming into something creative so why miss the chance? 
  • Books are indeed a man's best friend and it is applicable even when you want to broaden your creative thinking skills. Read books on creativity and innovation. Not only will your thinking skills improve but it will also help you grow as a person. 
  • Museums, Libraries, and Art exhibitions are places where age-old ideas, creativity and passion persists. It is a living breathing proof that great ideas are timeless. Visit them often to get inspired more. 
  • Remember that feedbacks are very important so try and share your ideas with others to get some input. You can also share your ideas and creative process on social media platforms to inspire others as well as receive feedback. 
International Ideas Month
International Ideas Month

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