Strawberry Moon is the full moon observed in the month of June. The next Strawberry Moon is on Saturday, 3rd June 2023, 11:42 PM EDT or Sunday, 4th June, 03:42 AM UTC.

The Strawberry Moon is the seventh full moon of 2023.

It is called the Strawberry moon because June is the time when strawberries become fully red and ripe and are perfect for harvesting.

The June Full Moon of 2023 will be the final full moon of the Spring season.

Thus, it will be visible before the 2023 Summer Solstice begins (the time of the year when the day is the longest and night is the shortest). 

June Full Moon or Strawberry Moon
Strawberry Moon is the full moon in June

The names and tales behind June Full Moon

The name Strawberry moon came from the Ojibwa, Lakota, Dakota, and Algonquin people (Native American Tribes). They used to name and track seasons by observing the full moon. Although strawberries are reddish-pink and round in shape, the name does not indicate the moon's appearance or hue.

A moon may appear reddish if it is close to the horizon and light rays pass through the dense layers of its atmosphere. Native American Algonquin tribes call it the Strawberry moon as it is the time of June when ripe strawberries are all set to be gathered.

June's full moon is called the Berries Ripen Moon by the Haida (American Indian people). The name is such because berries begin to ripen in June. It is the time of blossoming, ripening, and animal taking birth. It also marks the season change and occurrence of the summer solstice (21st June).

According to European culture, this moon is known as the Mead Moon or Honey Moon. The reference goes back to Juno (the one after this month is named), the Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth. It is the traditional month of coupling and honeymooning. This name refers to the great fertility during this time of the year. This also marks the celebration of growth and connection to living beings, food, and new beginnings on Earth.

Other names are given by different cultures to the June full moon:

  • Anishinaabe calls it the Blooming Moon in reference to the flowering season.
  • Cherokee named it the Green Corn moon.
  • Western Abenaki calls it the Hoer Moon, as it's time to tend fresh crops.
  • The Tinglet named it Birth Moon as many animals give birth at this time of the year.
  • Hatching Moon or Egg Laying Moon are Cree terms.
  • Rose moon

Phases of Moon in June 2023

Moon Phases in June 2023

Full Moon: 4th June, 3:42 UTC

Last Quarter: 10th June, 19:31 UTC

New Moon: 18th June, 4:37 UTC

First Quarter: 26th June, 7:49 UTC

A supermoon happens as the moon's orbit moves closest to Earth. At this time, the full moon is in its largest and brightest form. The June 2022 Full Moon was the second Supermoon of 2022. In 2023, the Strawberry moon will not be a Supermoon as it is expected to be far away from the cut-off point (it should be 360,000 km or less away from Earth).

Future Full Moons of June

year Day of the Week Future June Full moons
2023 Saturday June 3, 2023, 11:42 PM EDT
2024 Friday June 21, 2024, 9:08 PM EDT
2025 Wednesday June 11, 2025, 3:44 AM EDT
2026 Monday June 29, 2026, 7:57 PM EDT
2027 Friday June 18, 2027, 8:44 PM ED
2028 Wednesday June 7, 2028, 2:09 AM EDT
2029 Monday June 25, 2029, 11:22 PM EDT

Next up is the Buck Moon in July.