International Dance Day

Next Tuesday, 29 April 2025

International Dance Day is celebrated every year on April 29 to recognize and honor the art of dance as it is one of the oldest and most valuable forms of entertainment.

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It is found almost in every corner of the world and is a great way to bring people across the globe together. 

The International Theater Institute, the performing arts partner for UNESCO, sponsors the day.

History of International Dance Day

The International Theater Institute (ITI), established International Dance Day in 1982. They chose April 29 as it marks the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), a leading figure in the world of dance and referred to by many as ' The Shakespeare of Ballet'. 

International Dance Day has been officially recognized by UNESCO with the ITI formally named as the creators and organizers of the day's events.

As a result, events are planned and carried out throughout all the member states of the UN. However, due to COVID-19 most of the events in 2021 were held online. 

As well as celebrating dance, International Dance Day encourages all dance forms and educates people on the cultural, historical, and social value of dance.

International Dance Day also gives dancers a platform to promote their work and their art globally, to raise awareness about the importance of dance as a means of expression and community. 

Every year an official message is given by a famous dancer or choreographer to inspire both dancers and non-dancers. 

How International Dance Day Is Celebrated

The ITI marks International Dance Day by hosting a Gala Celebration which is hosted by a different city every year.

The Gala consists of professional and student dance performances from around the world, speeches, and the reading of that year's message.

ITI Centers across the world also host dancing and educational events in their own countries meaning there are plenty of opportunities to take part in the celebrations.

International Dance Day
International Dance Day

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