National Singles Day

Next Saturday, 28 September 2024

National Singles Day is celebrated on the Saturday of National Singles Week, so it usually falls on the fourth Saturday of September.

It is a day dedicated to singletons in the United States, which make up nearly half of the nation's population. Organizers of the day want to honor the single people in the country for all their contributions to their families and the community.

It is also a day to break down the stereotypes against single people and their lifestyles.

There is another day in the United States to celebrate single people observed on February 15 called Singles Awareness Day.

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The Origin of National Singles Day

Unlike other international holidays dedicated to single people, America's National Singles Day does not focus on the negative aspects of being single.  

Instead, it focuses on all the positive aspects of being single and believes that there is nothing wrong with being single. 

National Singles Week was created by the Buckeye Singles Council of Ohio in the 1980s. Their aim was to “celebrate single life and recognize singles and their contributions to society.”. National Singles Week takes place on the third full week of September. National Singles Day is commemorated on the Saturday of that week.

The creation of this holiday made the US Census Bureau began to publish statistics on the numbers of the singles population in America. Currently, around 44.9% of adults in the United States are unmarried, single, divorced, or widowed. 

The single population is growing, with more young people choosing to stay single longer for various reasons such as independence, career focus, and personal development. This challenges the negative stereotype that singles are lonely and depressed.

Single people have an active social life and tend to be the ones that are more available when their family and friends need help. 

What to do on National Singles Day

Everyone knows someone who is single. Take today to celebrate them, commend them for their independence and hard work, and don't judge their lifestyle choice. If you know a single parent, offer to help them out so they can enjoy their day stress-free.

If you're single then enjoy your freedom and do whatever you want with your day, whether it is meeting up with friends, treating yourself to a spa day, going hiking, having a beach day, or you might even be ready to meet someone and go on a date... whatever your heart desires!

National Singles Day
National Singles Day

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