World Population Day

Next Tuesday, 11 July 2023

World Population Day is a United Nations observance, commemorated every year on July 11. The day was created with the intention of raising awareness and attention to population issues around the globe, such as gender equality, human rights, maternal health, poverty, and family planning. 


World Population Day developed from an event that took place in 1987, called Five Billion Day, to mark the point at which the world population grew over 5 million people. Thus, World Population Day was established in 1989 by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme, a department whose goal is to support and anticipate the needs of a growing population.  

Population issues are very disproportionate, and affect those in developing countries much more than those in rich, developed countries. 

The day brings awareness to the fact that there have been issues with a population number that is growing too quickly, and the importance to bring birth control and family planning to those who do not currently have access to it, with the goal of controlling poverty and giving proper maternal health care to mothers around the world. 

The UN Development Programme also aims to fight the crimes that come from an issue of overpopulation, in countries that lack a proper government and suffer from human rights and gender equality issues. In many of these places, the population is very vulnerable to serious crimes such as child labor and human trafficking. 

Why World Population Day is Important 

Human overpopulation is one of the biggest issues the world faces right now because it means that there are too many people around the globe, which is unsustainable for the environment, as it doesn't have enough natural resources to provide enough food, water, and air for everyone. Overpopulation can be caused by an uncontrolled birth rate, an increase in immigration and a decline in mortality. If the population rises to a number that is too unsustainable for the planet this could result in global warming, ecological collapse, and a depletion of resources that could cause mass starvation. 

Every year, it is estimated that the world's population grows by 83 million people, and at the same time, life expectancy keeps growing, due to the developments in health care. 

What to do for World Population Day

For World Population Day, many organizations organize activities that anyone can attend such as seminars and information sessions, so people can get educated about the issues that the world's population currently faces. 

Personally, why not take this day to try and do some research of your own and look into the problems of overpopulation in order to know what to do to help. Another great way to help, if you can, is by donating to the many NGOs and nonprofits that work to educate young people about contraception and family planning, or those that aid people get out of poverty, and there are also organizations whose aim is to help refugees that have had to leave their homes for a new country. Any contribution you can make to these places is a great help in fighting overpopulation. 

World Population Day