National Burger Day

Next Tuesday, 28 May 2024

National Burger Day, also known as National Hamburger Day, is celebrated on May 28 to get people prepared for summer BBQ season. No one can resist a delicious burger, and it is one of the most beloved foods in America, so no wonder there is a whole day to celebrate it.

Even though the burger was invented in Germany, it has become an icon of American culture, with Americans eating an average of 50 billion burgers every year. So get to your favorite burger joint or fire up the grill, but be ready to celebrate National Burger Day.

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Hamburg to America: Tracing the Origins of the Iconic Hamburger

Much like the history of the burger, the origins of National Burger Day are very unclear. It is not known who invented this day, but it was likely someone who was a big lover of the hamburger. Maybe it was inspired by the United Kingdom's own National Burger Day, which is celebrated in August and was invented by Mr. Hyde. 

Thus, no one really knows who invented the burger, as there are many people who claim they were the genius behind this dish. An early version of the hamburger patty eaten between two pieces of bread is said to have been invented in Hamburg, Germany, back in 1869, and is supposed to have been eaten by German immigrants on board ships sailing to America. 

What is known is that burgers became very popular in the United States during the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, with several newspapers writing about this new innovative dish. There were a number of small vendors selling their own version of the burger, so there is a possibility that many people did have the same idea, and thought they were the first ones to come up with it, which is why it is so difficult to know for sure who did it. 

Burgers were an instant hit, as they were easy to make and cheap to buy from food carts on the street. Fast food restaurants quickly picked up on its popularity and created their own versions of the burger. White Castle was the first fast-food restaurant to serve burgers, in 1921. In contrast, McDonald's didn't sell their first burgers until 1940 but is now one of the most popular chains among people. 

Today, the burger is popular all around the world, and over half of the sandwiches sold annually are burgers. There are also many variations of the classic beef burger available to choose from now - chicken burgers, veggie burgers, salmon burgers, chickpea burgers, and more!

Why do we celebrate National Burger Day

Not many things are better than a good, juicy burger with all of our favorite toppings and sauces, and a nice side of fries. For many, it is a comfort food and a treat that instantly puts a smile on our faces. Burgers are also the star of barbecues, where family and friends gather together to make some fun memories. It is hard to find someone who doesn't love a burger (even if they prefer a chicken or vegetarian one over the classic beef), which is why on May 28 we take some time to really celebrate this iconic food.

National Burger Day also gives restaurants and fast food joints a chance to do some marketing, by offering National Burger Day deals and discounts to attract a few more clients. 

How to Celebrate National Burger Day

There are many ways in which you can celebrate this day, but the main thing to keep in mind is that you should eat a burger. 

  • Invite some people over, fire up the grill, and open up barbecue season by cooking up some delicious burgers for your friends and family.
  • Try something new. Maybe you've been curious about that expensive Wagyu burger that a high-end restaurant offers or you've been meaning to try a burger that is not made of beef. Today is the perfect day to let loose and enjoy a different burger from what you're used to.
  • Or you can keep it classic, and go to your favorite fast-food place. Make it a truly American experience by going through the Drive-thru.

Interesting Facts

  • Latest reports suggest that Americans eat around 50 billion burgers in a year!
  • Some of the most famous and oldest burger joints in America include Louis' Lunch in Conneticut, White Manna in New Jersey, Powers Hamburgers in Indiana, Cozy Inn in Kansas, and Hamburger Wagon in Ohio.
  • The first fast-food American company White Castle used to sell hamburgers for just 5 cents!
  • McDonald's Quarter Pounder contains 8 grams of saturated fat, more than twice the amount the American Heart Association recommends for consumption.
  • Donald Gorske is a Guinness record holder for eating the maximum number of Big Macs (over 34000!). He is still continuing this journey.

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National Burger Day
National Burger Day

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