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Movember is an annual event that takes place throughout the entire month of November. The event was designed to get people talking about and raising awareness of men's health issues.

The challenge is for men to grow mustaches from the 1st to the 30th of November to see just how large they get. Doing so is a conversation starter, it encourages people to talk about their health, as well as providing the opportunity to fundraise for research and support programs.

Meaning: The word Movember comes from a portmanteau of moustache and November (placing the 'Mo' from Moustache and 'vember' from November together). 

The word movember and a moustache icon with a peach pink background

Although the day originates in Australia it has traveled across the globe and is celebrated in The UK, Canada, as well as non-English speaking countries such as France.

In America, there is a very similar observance called 'No Shave November'

The Beginning of Movember

In 2004, the Movember Foundation was established by two Australians called Travis Garone and Luke Slattery. The event started as a joke, a witty observation that the moustache was dying out, and a challenge to one another to bring it back into fashion. In the first year, thirty people took part, responding to an email that was sent out challenging people to give it a go. As the event grew it traveled across Europe where it was initially celebrated in The UK and Spain, before finally traveling the globe.

The first official partner of Movember was the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA), but now the foundation's mission is to address even more of the most significant health issues that men face including:

  • prostate cancer,
  • testicular cancer
  • mental health
  • suicide prevention.

Through grassroots efforts, the Movember Foundation has become a significant force in raising awareness and funding for men's health programs.

Man with moustache and long hair smiling in front of a pink wall
Time to grow that 'mo!

How to Take Part

Firstly, grow your 'mo'! Whether you go for something suave and classy or get creative and contemporary with your mustache, the important thing is to embrace the journey and have fun. 

Secondly, tell the world what you are up to. You can share pictures of your moustache on social media, and encourage your partner, friends, and family to get involved. Use hashtags such as #Movember and #MensHealth to increase the spread of your message.

Thirdly, raise money. Movember was started partly to raise funds for men's health initiatives. Many people who grow a moustache do so with a fundraising goal in mind. Encourage your friends and contacts to donate to your Movember campaign. Set your goal and keep your friends updated on your progress. If you aren't growing a moustache but want to support the effort find someone online who is taking part and offer them a donation. 

Finally, celebrate by taking the time to learn about the men's health issues that Movember seeks to address. Understanding the issues will help you to identify and advocate for them effectively.

Are You a 'Mo Sista'?

Although initially an event organised by men for men, Movember has grown into an inclusive event that welcomes 'Mo Sistas', women who support the event and want to participate. One way of participating is to take part in MOVE, a new part of the Movember movement that challenges both men and women to take part in activity for the whole month, whether that is sport, or a cardio exercise such as running or swimming, whilst fundraising for charity. 

A drawing of a moustache cup with raspberries on the front
The moustache cup, ready to hold the moustache in place while the gentleman enjoys his drink.

The Fun World of Moustaches

  • Did you know that the world's largest mustache can be found on the face of Ram Singh Chauhan of India, it has been officially recorded by Guinness World Records as a whopping 4.29m (14ft) long.
  • Once upon a time, every house would have a Moustache Cup. These special cups provided a built-in ledge to protect the mustache from getting wet while sipping hot beverages. A practical solution for gentlemen wishing to keep their moustaches looking their best.
  • The twirling of a moustache is a famous body language used in TV and movies by the villain, and is commonly recognised as a symbol of devious intent. The origins of this gesture are hard to trace, but it is believed to go back to 19th-century theatre. 
  • Mustache styles come in numerous variations, including the classic "handlebar," "Fu Manchu," "walrus," and "pencil-thin" mustaches. Each style carries its unique charm and identity.
  • There are so many different terms for moustache, including the American spelling Mustache, and the older English term Mustachio. you can even call it a Mo or a 'Tache/'Stache. Then there are slang terms such as Cookie Duster or Whiskers.

If you want to learn more about celebrations such as this one why not follow this link to No Shave November 


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