No Shave November

Next Friday, 1 November 2024

No Shave November is a popular month-long observance that begins on November 1. It encourages individuals to grow out their hair in order to donate it to cancer patients and for research and education purposes. 

No Shave November is actually a non-profit organization that was launched back in 2009 and aims to raise awareness about cancer, specifically prostate, colon and testicular cancer in men.

Both men and women can take part in No Shave November. While men mostly avoid shaving their facial hair, women participate by not shaving their hair, leg, and armpit hair. 

No Shave November

Cancer patients undergo hair loss due to chemotherapy and other drugs they take. Thus, the money saved on hair care and maintenance is used for a good cause. 

No Shave November: Hair For a Cause 

No Shave November dates back to 2007 when Matthew Hill, a resident of Chicago, lost his life to colorectal cancer after a long and tedious battle for one and a half years. With Hill gone, his eight children also lost their role model. Thus, they decided to do something in his honor. 

The siblings, Aaron, Abbey, Andrew, Christine, Rebecca, Nick, Thomas, and Theresa, requested their family, relatives, and friends to stop shaving and spending money on hair grooming products for a month and donate the money saved to support cancer research, education and the cancer patients.

Thus, the family started No Shave November, an organization that is solely dedicated to increasing cancer awareness and raising money to fight this disease. 

While a month's savings on hair grooming products and services might not seem like a lot, No Shave November is an inclusive initiative where everyone can participate and do their part, however little that may be. All your donations will go to the American Cancer Society. 

Rules of No Shave November

Everyone can participate in No Shave November regardless of gender. Women are expected not to shave their legs or hands. While it definitely helps raise awareness about cancer, it also breaks the cultural norms about body hair in women. 

There is only one rule for No Shave November- No razor should be used before December 1. In order to kickstart No Shave November, make sure to be completely clean-shaven by November 1. 

A proper dress code is required in many workplaces so it is understandable if you want to trim your beard or hair a little for a neat look. 

After completing one month, donate all the money that you would have otherwise spent on razors, shaving creams, and barbers for cancer research, education, and treatment.

Important Facts

  • According to the American Cancer Society, the chance of men contracting colorectal cancer is 1 in 23 whereas it is 1 in 26 for women.
  • Some common symptoms of colon cancer include different stool colors, constipation, abdominal pain, and blood in the stool passed.
  • A recent study conducted has found out that alcohol has a negative effect on cancer patients and even increases the risk of cancer in others. 
  • In the United States, around 25% of the blood supply is reserved for cancer patients. People suffering from colon cancer, blood cancer, and kidney cancer need blood transfusions as a part of their treatment.

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