National Siblings Day

Next Thursday, 10 April 2025

National Siblings Day is observed every year on April 10th to celebrate the bonds between siblings. This special day originated in the United States but is now recognized globally.

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The Story Of Origin Of Siblings Day 

Claudia Evart tragically lost her siblings at a very young age. This led her to think it was important to have a day to honor the importance of siblings in everyone's lives. 

Hence, Evart founded the Siblings Day Foundation in 1997 to campaign and lobby for National Siblings Day to be recognized as a holiday in the United States. 

The organization later became a non-profit one. Although National Siblings Day is not yet recognized as a federal holiday, it is celebrated widely around the country.

Many state governors have signed proclamations recognizing April 10 as a special observance.  

Eventually, the celebration gained traction around the world, and it is now a day celebrated in many countries. 

Why Should You Celebrate Siblings Day

According to reports, 80% of children in America have one or more siblings. There's nothing like the bond between siblings.

Since. most siblings spend a lot of their time together, which helps develop their social and personal skills. 

How To Celebrate National Siblings Day

In recent years, many people have taken to honoring their siblings by sharing photos of them together on social media with thoughtful captions. 

National Siblings Day is the perfect day to spend quality time with siblings or give them a call to tell them how appreciated they are.

Surprise gifts of greeting cards are also popular, and many people like to take their siblings out for a special meal. 

National Siblings Day
National Siblings Day

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