National Cheese Day

Next Wednesday, 4 June 2025

National Cheese Day is observed every year on June 4th by cheese lovers all across the country.

This day is to honor the artistry of this edible masterpiece that had a very humble beginning but is now used all over the world for various purposes. 

It should not be confused with National Cheese Lovers' Day, which is on January 20th or other cheese-related days. 

History Of National Cheese Day

It is believed that national cheese day has been around for a while, and it has quite an interesting background.

image of a lump of homemade mozzarella

National Cheese Day was established in 1914 and was first celebrated in Monroe. It is believed that the day has been observed every alternate year for over a century in Monroe.

It is also said that in Monroe the day is celebrated with traditional Swiss and German music, a two-hour parade, carnivals, and local eateries running events and promotions. 

National Cheese Day in Monroe does not last for one day, but for the entire weekend and hosts visitors from many places.

It is a day to embrace the culinary qualities of cheese and educate yourself on the different varieties and the history of cheese. 

The making of cheese is such an ancient process that it's hard to find any recorded data. However, it is said that the process of making cheese started around 8000 BCE, soon after people started keeping animals as pets. 

Archeologists have found evidence of cheese worldwide including strainers full of molecules found in milk fat in Poland that goes back to 5500 BCE or even older, Egyptian murals of 2000 BCE. 

An artifact containing preserved cheese was discovered beside a mummified corpse in Xinjiang, China that could be over 3000 years old.

How To Observe National Cheese Day

If you want to feel the excitement of National Cheese Day, take a trip to Monroe and get immersed in the local festivities.

Besides that, you can read about cheese, attend cheese-making workshops or try making cheese at home and use it in your favorite dish. 

National Cheese Day
National Cheese Day

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