National Simplicity Day

Next Friday, 12 July 2024

We honor simplicity on July 12th as it is National Simplicity Day which also commemorates the wisdom and birthday of Henry David Thoreau who was born on this day in 1817.

Thoreau's timeless preachings encourages people across the globe to reassess our priorities and adopt a lifestyle with minimalism. 

On National Simplicity Day, we reflect on Thoreau's teachings to find simplicity not as a sacrifice of comfort but as a pathway to inner peace and authentic living.

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The Story of National Simplicity Day

Thoreau was a popular author, environmentalist, abolitionist, and poet who was most popularly remembered for his transcendentalist philosophy. Along with his contemporaries, Thoreau preached in the fundamental wisdom individuals possess to navigate life beyond external influences. 

He was a transcendentalist philosopher and author of “Walden”, who advocated simplifying life to unravel its true essence. He believed that living a simple life would help one connect with one's true self and this principle continues to inspire individuals who seek clarity in the middle of modernity's chaos. 

The concept of National Simplicity day started as a response to the increasing  complications and distractions of modern life. 

Significance of Minimalism

Despite the conveniences and privileges technology brings, it has also brought with it immense societal pressures, that fostered a culture of materialism and comparison. 

This day urges people to take a moment to reflect, clearing away both physical and mental clutter that hides what really counts, often overshadowed by social media and consumerism's endless pursuit of more.

Many countries, including Japan, have embraced minimalism as a philosophy promoting well-being and sustainability. 

Minimalism is not just about decluttering spaces, but it is about intentional living, prioritizing quality over quantity in material possessions and experiences. 

Many now apply minimalist principles to areas like fashion and home decor to simplify their lives and reduce stress.

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How to Observe National Simplicity Day

There are several ways to observe National Simplicity Day and you could start by adopting a simplistic lifestyle.

Unplug from technology and keep your devices away for the day. Take a break from social media, emails and constant notifications. Use this opportunity to be present with your surroundings and thoughts. 

Declutter and organize your space by removing items you do not need or use and donate or recycle these items. Your mental health wellbeing would be helped by a tidy space. 

Spend some time in nature and reconnect with your inner self by going for a walk, hike or just simply admiring the sunset. 

Practice mindfulness by taking time to meditate or engage in mindfulness exercises.

National Simplicity Day
National Simplicity Day

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