National Friendship Day

Next Sunday, 4 August 2024

National Friendship Day is celebrated every year on the First Sunday Of August to honor the purest bond of friendship.

National Friendship Day gives us a chance to express gratitude towards our friends and reflect on the cherished bond and people that support us through thick and thin. 

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History of National Friendship Day

The concept of dedicating a day to the celebration of friendships started in the United States in 1935. With the aim of promoting the importance of friendship, The first Sunday of August was officially proclaimed National Friendship Day by the U.S. Congress.

Since then, this special day has gained recognition worldwide, with people from different cultures and backgrounds embracing the celebration.

History has it that one of the earliest documented days to honor friendship is recorded in Ancient Rome around 130 BCE. It is said that the Roman Senate declared a holiday known as "Amicita" to celebrate friendship. 

This day was typically celebrated on July 30th by exchanging gifts with friends and showing how grateful you are towards them. 

Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards, proposed the idea of Friendship Day way before the US Congress, in 1919. His idea was to dedicate a day to celebrate friendship and encourage individuals to exchange greeting cards. 

Unfortunately, at that time, the idea was not able to gain traction. Over the years, different countries started coming up with their own versions of Friendship Day. 

How To Celebrate National Friendship Day

The best way to celebrate National Friendship Day is by planning a get-together with your friends and having a fun day together.

For your long-distance friends, plan a virtual meet-up and send them gifts. You can also bring back the old ritual of sending greeting cards along with some flowers. 

However, most importantly what matters is that you express your love and gratitude towards them and make some time out of your busy schedule for them. 

National Friendship Day
National Friendship Day

National Friendship Day 2024

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