National Best Friends Day

Next Saturday, 8 June 2024

June 8th is celebrated as National Best Friends Day in the United States and Canada. It is a day to celebrate friendship and spend some time with your best friend, showing them how much you appreciate them being in your life. 

National Best Friends Day is not a public holiday, businesses and schools remain open.

National Best Friends Day

National Best Friends Day Background

The origins of this holiday can be traced back to 1935, when the US Congress declared June 8 a holiday to honor friendship and close friends. Thus, National Best Friends Day was born.

Apparently, this specific day was chosen as the weather is usually good at this time of the year. Hence, friends can celebrate the day together by doing outdoor activities such as picnics or going to the beach. 

The holiday took a while to become popular. With the emergence of social media platforms, National Best Friends Day rose in popularity across North America. Thousands of people share photos with their closest friends using the hashtag #nationalbestfriendsday on this day. 

The Importance of Best Friends

Having a best friend has been proven to be very beneficial for a person's health. Having someone to talk to, share problems with, and who is always there to support you helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

Best friends are often around the same age and share similar life stages. This means they can understand and support each other through the ups and downs of life.

Above all, people love having best friends because they are the family they choose. Best friends are usually someone we share interests with, or who have compatible personalities with ours. This means that we not only can relax, have fun with, and travel with others but also that they will always be there beside us during difficult times. 

Celebrate Best Friends Day

The best way to celebrate this holiday is by spending some time with your best friend, or friends. Organize some daily activities such as a picnic or going to the beach. Plan a dinner at home, or go out for dinner and drinks, as many places have started offering National Best Friends Day deals. If you and your best friend live apart, you can still do some of these things via video chat!

You can also give your friends some gifts, or better yet, take some time to reminisce about all the good times you have spent together. 

Interesting Facts

  • Surveys show that a majority of people consider their significant other to be their best friend. Moms and Dogs come as runner-ups, sharing the second place on the Best Friends leader board. 
  • However, most people don't believe that you can only have one best friend. In fact, 75% of Americans cherish having a close-knit group of friends rather than only one best friend.
  • The survey shows that the majority of people have met their current best friends in Elementary School or High School. 
  • Research shows that strong friendships have a lot of health benefits and can help in reducing stress and increasing your lifespan.
  • Spending time with friends and participating in social activities can have positive effects on the brain. It helps keep the mind active, improves memory, and enhances cognitive function. Engaging in conversations and group activities can sharpen thinking skills and boost mental abilities.

International Friendship Day is celebrated next month on July 30.

National Best Friends Day
National Best Friends Day

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