Saint Patrick's Day

Next Sunday, 17 March 2024

People celebrate Saint Patrick's Day on March 17 to honor the Patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. 

He played a significant role in introducing and celebrating the Irish culture across the world. It is not a national holiday so schools and holidays work per normal working hours. 

A Potrait Of Saint Patrick
Detail of St Patrick with a shamrock in a stained glass window at the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows at Navy Pier in Chicago.

Saint Patrick was born in 4th Century Britain, kidnaped at 16, and taken to Ireland. 

He escaped to France, where he was indoctrinated into Christianity. St. Patrick returned to Ireland in 432 to help convert the population to Christianity. 

He built many monasteries, churches, and schools, to preach his beliefs during his time there. 

The Origin Of Saint Patrick's Day Celebrations In America

During the 18th century, many Irish people emigrated to the USA. Thus, the traditions and celebrations of Saint Patrick's Day came along with them. As a result, it is one of the most celebrated days in America now. 

Saint Patrick's Day In America Drawn By Lucian Gray And Designed By Hogan
Saint Patrick's Day In America Drawn By Lucian Gray And Designed By Hogan (1874)

The first celebrations of Saint Patrick's Day in America date back to 1737 in Boston followed by the celebrations in New York in 1762.

With time, the celebrations got bigger and the places with most Irish-American residents left no stone unturned to commemorate this day.

There was a significant rise in Irish Patriotism seen in America. Irish Aid Societies were formed to celebrate the Irish Culture in the country by organizing parades and several other events.

Traditions Of Saint Patrick's Day

The most notable tradition that has lasted over the years with many others is the tradition of wearing "green". According to this tradition, people have to wear at least one item of green clothing.

The traditional Saint Patrick's Day food of America is corned beef and cabbage. It is believed that corned beef originated in America during the 19th century as Irish immigrants replaced bacon with corned beef.

This is because corned beef was a cheap substitute for bacon and they paired it with cabbage simply because it was a cheaper vegetable. 

Drinking is a huge part of the celebrations. People all across the country visit pubs and bars to celebrate with others. 

Many pubs, bars, and restaurants host parties, or have special offers to honor the day. They use traditional decorations like shamrocks, snakes, and leprechauns. 

What Legends Say About Saint Patrick

Legend has it that Saint Patrick repelled snakes away from Ireland. However, there's a possibility that this represented him getting Ireland rid of pagans and non-believers.

It is also said that he used the shamrock as a way to symbolize the Holy Trinity. Hence, the shamrock became the symbol of this day.

Saint Patrick Used The Shamrock Or A Three Leaf Clover To Represent The Holy Trinity
Saint Patrick used the shamrock or a three-leaf clover to represent the Holy Trinity 

Intriguing Insights About Saint Patrick's Day

  • The river in Chicago is being dyed green since 1962 to mark the day.
  • The oldest Saint Patrick's Day Parade known to the world was organized by New York Irish Aid societies who joined forces in 1848 to make it happen.
  • It is also the biggest parade in the USA with over 150,000 participants and 3 million spectators.
  • The parade lasts for five hours. 
  • If someone doesn't wear the traditional color, ie, green, other people are allowed to pinch that person.
Saint Patrick's Day
Saint Patrick's Day

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