Buck Moon  is the full moon observed in July. It will appear on  Monday, July 3, 2023,  at 7:39 AM EDT or 11:38 PM UTC.

It is going to be the seventh full moon of the year. Buck Moon will also be the first full moon of summer 2023 and the first one post-summer solstice as well.

Buck Moon or July Full Moon

Buck Moon Meaning 

During the month of July, male deer (bucks) have new antlers pushing out of their foreheads with coatings of velvety fur.

Deer lose their antlers yearly, and each part of the antler grows from time to time. In the mid-summer, it reaches its full size with pointed tips and is considered to be a significant part of the annual cycle.

Therefore, the Native American Algonquin people from the east of the Mississippi River (a region where deer were widespread) coined the term 'Buck Moon'.

Other names

  • Many Native American tribes call it the Full Thunder Moon and Halfway Summer Moon due to the frequent thunderstorms and summer fall during this time.
  • July full moon is also named after animals. For example, it is called the Feather Molting Moon (Cree) because animals molt (shed their feathers, hair, etc. for regrowth) during this time.
  • It is also called  Salmon Moon , as salmons return to the waterways in Pacific Northwest and are ready to be harvested during this time.
  • Other July moon names by different tribes include the Berry Moon, Raspberry, Moon When the Chokecherries are Ripe (Dakota), Month of the Ripe Corn Moon, and Full hay Moon.
  • Celtic groups refer to it as the Herb Moon,  Wyrt Moon ('wyrt' means herbs), Claiming Moon, and Mead Moon. July is the ideal time to gather herbs which are then dried to make spices and remedies.wyrt' means herbs),
  • Buddhists call it  Guru Full Moon.

Moon Phases of July 2023

Moon Phases in July 2023

  • Full Moon: July 3, 11:38 UTC
  • Last Quarter: July 10, 1:47 UTC
  • New Moon: July 17, 18:31 UTC
  • First Quarter: July 25, 22:06 UTC

If there is a total lunar eclipse, the full moon can turn bright orange, red, or even dark grey, depending on how the Earth's shadow passes through the moon.

For example, July full moon 2021 was red as it was on a total lunar eclipse. Buck Moon 2023 will not be a Red Moon.

Future July Full Moons

Year Day Of The Week Date and Time
2024 Sunday July 21 at 6:17 AM EDT
2025 Thursday July 10 at 4:37 PM EDT
2026 Wednesday July 29 at 10:36 AM EDT
2027 Sunday July 18 at 11:45 AM EDT
2028 Thursday July 6 at 2:11 PM EDT
2029 Wednesday July 25 at 9:36 AM EDT

July's full moon period is the best time for fishing, harvesting, making hay, and setting eggs. Buck Moon spiritually means embracing and manifesting new versions of yourself.

This is also the Guru Full moon for Buddhists, Hindus, and Jain. They celebrate Guru Purnima on this day which is dedicated to all the Gurus or spiritual teachers. 

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