Take Your Dog to Work Day

Next Friday, 30 June 2023

Take Your Dog to Work Day is observed every year on the Friday after Father's Day. The idea for this day was conceived by Pet Sitters International, as a way to help strengthen the bonds between dogs and owners, as well as the relationships with coworkers, as having dogs in the office brightens up anyone's workday. 

The day has somewhat evolved through the years, and it became Bring Your Pet to Work Day, which means that those who don't have a dog can bring their cats or other pets into the office with them. 


Take Your Dog to Work Day was first celebrated in 1999. The main purpose behind this holiday was to encourage adoption, as Pet Sitters International believes that by pet owners bringing their dogs to work those without pets will be encouraged to get a companion of their own, after witnessing the joy and love that their co-workers' dogs bring them. 

Workplaces who allow their employees to bring their dogs to work, often get involved with local shelters to help with community outreach, and hopefully, get new homes to the dogs that live in shelters.

It is also a way to ensure that dogs who spend most of their days alone at home, while their owners go to work, get a whole day receiving special attention not just from their best friends, but also from new people who will surely be excited to meet them. It can also be a great way for co-workers to interact with each other and improve teamwork. 

Since its first celebration in 1999, where 300 businesses held their own Take Your Dog to Work Day, this observance has grown exponentially in popularity. In fact, many offices are now pet friendly, which means that people can bring their companion along to work with them any day of the year. 

What to Do and Not Do on Take Your Dog to Work Day

If you want to give your best friend a different day and bring them to work with you, there are a few things you should consider.


  • You should obviously make sure that your employer is okay with pets being brought into the office, but it is also very important to ask your coworkers if they don't mind you bringing your dog in, as many people are scared of dogs or may just not be comfortable having one in their workplace.
  • Pack a bag with any important things that your dog needs throughout the day, such as his water bowl, toys, a bed, or a blanket that they can lay on and doggie bags.
  • Make sure your workspace is safe for your dog, and hide any cords, put away the trash bin, and any snacks or plants that may be harmful to them. 


  • Do not bring your dog to work if they get too anxious or too over excited to see new people. It is not pleasant to work with a dog who is barking or jumping up at everyone. And definitely do not bring a dog who is not properly housetrained. 
  • It is not good to let your dog wander around the office by themselves, as they can easily get up to mischief or disturb other people. If you think your dog can get easily distracted and get away from you, have him on a leash or bring some kind of barrier to work. 
  • Not everyone is a dog person, so don't go around forcing your dog on colleagues. If people want to meet your dog they will come to you. 
Take Your Dog to Work Day