Summer will arrive on June 21st, 2023, and will last until September 23rd, 2023. 

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The weather between the summer solstice and the autumnal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, is, what we refer to as the summer season. However, in the Southern Hemisphere, it is the period between December 22nd to March 21st.

June, July, and August are usually known as the summer months. But, it lasts until mid-September so September can also be considered a summer month.

What Are The Characteristics Of Summer

Summer is the season between the last day of Spring to the first day of Autumn.

It is also the warmest season of the year out of the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter as the temperatures keep rising after Spring. 

We get the longest days and shortest nights during summer as the Sun rises early and sets late.

Temperatures are often high throughout the entire day and even until late at night, with some areas experiencing dry heat and some humidity. 

The eastern and southern parts of the US, experience humid weather conditions during the summer months while the West Coast has pleasant temperatures. 

In many parts of the world, summer is a favorite amongst many not only because of the weather but also because of the beauty of nature. However, some other parts like India and UAE face the wrath of summer.

During summer, the sun shines particularly high in the sky and hence, we get more direct sunlight and stronger UV rays. 

Due to low levels of precipitation and high levels of evaporation in many areas, the country is more prone to droughts and wildfires.

Even though, there are risks summer is a time when trees and plants are in full bloom, animals start returning home and water bodies get warmer. 

Summer Festivals and Activities

Summers in the United States are filled with celebrations like the Fourth of July and various summer festivals. In Canada, Canada Day is celebrated while India celebrates Janmashtami, Rath Yatra, and more. 

People also go camping, hiking, and swimming, and enjoy many other activities during the summer. 

Summer is also a popular time for beach vacations, with destinations such as Florida, California, and the Carolinas drawing large crowds of tourists.

Summer Surprises: 5 Facts You Didn't Know

  • The summer solstice occurs around June 20 or 21 in the northern hemisphere and around December 21 or 22 in the southern hemisphere.
  • The Earth's axis tilts towards the sun, during the summer. Hence, the warmer weather, longer days, and shorter nights.
  • The word "summer" is derived from the Old English word "summer" meaning "together". The word was originally used for describing the collection of crops during the season.
  • Many famous and professional sports tournaments and leagues such as the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, FIFA World Cup, etc take place during the summer. 
  • Summer is also a time when extreme weather conditions like heat waves, hurricanes, and thunderstorms can happen.

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