About us

Calendarr is an online calendar where you will find all holidays, celebrations and important days in the United States.


Created in 2011, Calendarr's main purpose is to provide useful information about important dates and celebrations, with a special focus on the origin and history behind it.

Our mission is to offer amazing free content that really helps our users. Our content is made for people and therefore we listen to the needs of those who seek to learn from our content. Because our aim is to provide reliable information on all topics, all of our content is continuously being curated and reviewed.

Calendarr and all its contents belong to 7Graus Lda, a company whose purpose is to improve the lives of millions of people through the creation and distribution of free content. We work to make a difference in the lives of our users, and this motivates us to go further and further!

Who we are

Calendarr has a team made up of experts such as journalists, historians, reviewers and content managers who are responsible for delivering quality content to our users. We’re responsible for producing, editing and reviewing the content provided by the site. All our texts are constantly updated and improved by our team.

Airene Guha

Airene Guha, a self-professed creative weirdo who loves and lives to write. Airene enjoys watching the sunset and says ideas pop up at 3:00 am in her head. Notebooks and nature are her best friends. She also prefers texting over calling and is obsessed with caffeine! She has been content writing since 2014.

Ralph Bossingham

Ralph Bossingham, with over twenty years experience as a saxophone and piano teacher in a school, and ten years experience as a music therapist in a hospital, in 2021 he completed a CELTA course and qualified as an EFL English teacher. Besides content writing, Ralph teaches English to adults and children from all around the globe using online platforms and materials.

Suhasini Biswas

Suhasini Biswas, has a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and a Master's in Journalism. As an avid reader and consumer, writing has always been her primary outlet. After continued efforts, she was finally able to transform writing from a simple hobby to an actual profession.

Website financing

The only form of website financing is the sale of online advertising space.

Why do we have ads? So Calendarr can continue to produce high quality content at no cost to users. Advertising finances the content production team, the costs of hosting the site, and its technical maintenance.

Advertising is always properly identified and separate from the content provided by the website.

Confidentiality and privacy

We are governed by rules of total transparency and the privacy of our users is a serious matter.

Any information about users that may be collected by Calendarr, including the email address, will never be passed on to third parties. To learn more, see the page with our complete Privacy Policy.

Editorial Independence

The editorial content of the website is completely independent from advertising. We do not have sponsored content and any products or services mentioned in the content are purely editorial choices.


The information posted on this website does not substitute the opinion and guidance of specialized and qualified professionals in their respective areas of operation and are only complementary to those.

All content is for informational purposes only, should not be considered complete, updated, and is not intended to be used in lieu of a legal, medical, financial or other professional consultation. The content is provided without any kind of guarantee. By using the content, any risk is assumed by the user.