The Pink Moon, also known as the April Full Moon, will take place on Thursday, April 6 in 2023 around 00:34 EST or 4:34 UTC. This is the first full moon that marks the welcome of the beautiful Spring season in April 2023.

Pink Moon in April
Pink Moon is simply the Full Moon in April

Unfortunately, as opposed to what most people think, the Pink Moon is actually just a normal full moon observed in April. It might show a different color depending on the reflection of the sunlight. 

The name Pink Moon was first used in the Maine Farmer's Almanac, a yearly American Periodical. It published a list of all the Native American names of the moon phases every month. Pink Moon was used to refer to the full moon in April.

Why is it called the Pink Moon? 

The word 'Pink Moon' comes from the herb pink moss or Phlox Subulata - a wildflower which blooms during the early springtime. These flowers usually grow in the North American region. Thus, the name Pink Moon associates with Springtime. 

Phlox Sublata or Herb Moss Pink
Herb Moss Pink

Moon Phases in April 2023

Moon Phases in April 2023

Full Moon or Pink Moon: It will be observed on April 6 at 00:34 EST or 4:34 UTC.

Last Quarter or Third Quarter Moon: It will be observed on April 13 at 09:11 UTC.

New Moon: It will be observed on April 20 around 04:12 UTC.

First Quarter Moon: It will be observed on April 27 at 21:20 UTC. 

When will the next Pink Moon appear?

The dates, day of the week, and approximate times of the Pink Moon for the next four years have been predicted as follows:

2024: 24th April at 00:49 UTC (Wednesday)

2025: 13th April at 00:22 UTC (Sunday)

2026: 2nd April at 02:12 UTC (Thursday)

2027: 20 April at 22:27 UTC (Tuesday)

Religious and cultural significance of the Pink Moon

The Pink Moon is an important event that marks many religious and cultural holidays and festivities. It also has different names as per different cultures and people. 

For Christians

For example, the Pink Moon is commonly known as the Paschal Moon among Christians. The word 'Paschal' refers to the Easter celebration. The Pink Moon is important because it is used to set the date of Easter. Usually, the Easter celebration takes place on the first Sunday after observing the Full Pink Moon. 

This means that Easter will be celebrated on the 9th of April 2023. 

For Jewish people

The Pink Moon is known as the Passover Moon among Jewish People. Passover is an important holiday in Judaism, to mark their freedom from Egypt. The Pink Moon helps to determine the date of this holiday.

The Jewish people use a lunar calendar. The beginning and end of this calendar are always a new moon and the full moon is observed in the middle of the month, around the 15th. The Passover is usually celebrated on the 15th. Thus, the Pink Moon marks the start of this holiday. 

For Muslims

Muslims also follow a lunar calendar. The full moon has much symbolic importance in their religion. Last year, the Pink Moon was observed during the holy month of Ramadan.

For Hindus

The Pink Moon, or April Full Moon, is also an important event for the Hindus because it often coincides with the birth of Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is an important figure in Hindu mythology and religion. 

For Buddhists

The Pink Moon is an important event in Buddhism as well. It marks Bak Poya, an important national holiday in Sri Lanka that is used to commemorate Buddha's second visit to the country. 

Pink Moon alternate names

Besides April Full Moon, the Pink Moon is known by a variety of other names some of which are used by Native Americans and Europeans.

As already stated before, the Pink Moon symbolizes Spring and fresh growth. This is why it has been given names like the following:

  • Moon when the Streams are navigable again
  • Breaking Ice Moon
  • Moon of the Red Grass Appearing
  • Budding Moon of Plants and Shrubs 

There are also many names associated with animals. Examples include:

  • Moon when the Ducks come back
  • Moon when the Geese Lay eggs
  • Frog Moon
  • Sucker Moon

The folklore behind the name Sucker Moon

The Pink Moon is also called the Sucker Moon because apparently, it is the best time to get Suckerfish which return to the lakes and streams. Many people believe that during this time, fishes from the spirit world visit the water bodies on earth to purify them.

Pink Moon is followed by the Full Moon in May or Flower Moon.