National Picnic Day

Next Wednesday, 23 April 2025

What better way to celebrate the peak of Spring than by observing National Picnic Day on April 23? Picnics are an easy way to get friends and family together, enjoy some sunshine outdoors, relax, and have fun, all while enjoying some delicious food and wine.

National Picnic Day

Get your basket and blanket out, and go enjoy a nice meal outside!

National Picnic Day History

While there are no records of who invented National Picnic Day, or when it was first created, picnics have a rich history that dates all the way back to the 17th century. The word picnic itself comes from the French term "picnic". It was an expression coined in 1692, used to describe a group of people that brought their own wine to dinner at a restaurant.

Eventually, the term evolved to mean a meal where everyone brought some food or drink to contribute. After the French Revolution, royal parks became accessible to the common people, who liked to meet up and eat together on the beautiful lawns. Eventually, the term picnicking started being used to describe a meal that is eaten outdoors on a blanket.

The concept of picnics quickly spread throughout Europe, especially to England where, in the 18th and 19th centuries, they became big social events with elaborate meals and drinks, such as roast chickens and pies. Picnics have been popular since their inception because they can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of wealth or status. 

Picnics have maintained their popularity, and even today you'd find it hard to find someone who doesn't love them. Who can resist a day spent in the sunshine, having great food with good company?

Picnics can be simple affairs, with homemade sandwiches, chips, fruits, and soda, or you can go all out and bring out the barbecue to grill some burgers and sausages. Picnics are mostly social affairs, where people bring food to share and spend the day talking and playing games, but solo picnics can also be very fun and relaxing as well!

The best part about picnics is that you don't need to put much effort into them. If you don't fancy cooking up some food and packing it, just visit a supermarket, bakery, or your favorite takeaway restaurant on the way to the park or beach. This way, you can even enjoy a picnic on your lunch break if you need to get away from your desk and get some fresh air. 

Celebrate National Picnic Day

This one is pretty self-explanatory: just have a picnic! Call up your friends and family and see if they are up for a day of outdoor fun. 

You can make it as elaborate and classic as you want, with the wicker basket and the gingham blanket, or something more casual, where everyone brings some food to share. The important thing is to have fun and just relax!

National Picnic Day
National Picnic Day

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