National Clean Your Room Day

Next Saturday, 10 May 2025

National Clean Your Room Day is here on May 10 and if you have watched Friends, you know that this would have been the dream day for Monica Geller. 

So get your gloves, surface disinfectant, wash cloth and tie your hair up because it is time to make your room sparkle and shine! Let's turn those dust bunnies into dust buddies and give your room the makeover it deserves.

Middle aged woman doing house cleaning

Who Started National Clean Your Room Day

There is no proof as to who started National Clean Your Room Day. It might have been a frustrated parent, a depressed person, or someone who found some value in this simple thing. 

Did You Know That Cleaning Your Room Has Several Health Benefits

  • National Sleep Foundation conducted a study that showed that people with a clean bedroom slept better. 
  • Unclean and untidy rooms make a person more stressed and overwhelmed. This has also been backed by a Princeton University study. Thus, cleaning your room helps to de-stress your mind.
  • A study conducted in 2010 showed a clear relationship between a clean house and healthier eating habits. 
  • An unclean room indicates dust and dirt, something that is very harmful to your respiratory system. Statistics show that 10 percent of the population globally is allergic to dust mites and a significantly greater percentage are sensitized to them.
  • Some doctors suggest that cleaning your room also helps release endorphins which in turn helps to relieve pain, and stress.
  • An unorganized and cluttered room distracts our brain which results in a reduced focus on other activities. 

Steps to Clean Your Room on National Clean Your Room Day

Well, you obviously celebrate it by cleaning your room but the main question is how. 

  • Do not ignore cobwebs in the corners of the walls!
  • It is time to organize everything in your closet. We understand it is a lengthy and boring task but imagine how much easier it would be to find things after this.
  • Changing bedsheets is a must. It helps to reduce the risk of skin allergies. 
  • Also, make sure to dust desks, the top of your wardrobe, and the headboard.
  • Vacuuming or sweeping the floor is the most obvious and important step in cleaning your room. A dirty floor invites a host of issues and diseases.
  • Cleaning also includes organizing your things so make sure to put your watch, jewelry, books, iron, and skincare products in the right places.
  • Remember to clean your mirror as well. If your room is all tidy and doesn't reflect in the mirror, what is the point? 
National Clean Your Room Day
National Clean Your Room Day

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