National Milk Chocolate Day

Next Sunday, 28 July 2024

Give into your sweet tooth as National Milk Chocolate Day is just around the corner on July 28 ! 

This chocolaty observation celebrates the magical combination of solid chocolate and and a form of milk that gave birth to the beautiful milk chocolate that we all cherish. 

Milk chocolate, made with coconut, sugar, and milk, is mainly used in bars and candies. It has less coconut and more milk solids than dark chocolate, making it creamy and sweet. While initially seen as a healthy treat for kids, it's now loved globally.

According to sources on the internet, it is believed that National Milk Chocolate Day was founded by The National Confectioners Association.

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The Rich History Of Milk Chocolate

The history of milk chocolate is as rich as its taste. The term “milk chocolate” was used to describe a milk and chocolate drink that was introduced in London in 1687 which later became very popular in France and then in the United States. 

Swiss chocolatier, Daniel Peter, in 1875 perfectly combined sugar, cocoa, and condensed milk, creating the first ever milk chocolate bar. 

This discovery led to mass production and a rapid growth in popularity, especially after huge companies like Hershey's and Cadbury introduced their own milk chocolate products. 

During the 20th century, milk chocolate dominated the global chocolate market, with Switzerland initially taking the lead in production. 

Over the years, countries like England, Canada, and Japan, also became major producers of milk chocolate. 

Even till date, milk chocolate continues to be one of the most favorite chocolate globally, valued at billions of dollars in the international market. 

Today, milk chocolate remains the most preferred type of chocolate worldwide, valued at billions of dollars in the global market

How to Celebrate Milk Chocolate Day

Well, the obvious thing to do is enjoy your favorite milk chocolate guilt-free on this day. If you have time, you can try making your own batch of milk chocolate.

AI generated image of milk chocolate bars

Many cafes and stores offer special promotions on this day, so keep an eye out for that. You can also book a tour in a chocolate factory if there is one happening nearby, arrange parties with your friends or learn more about this wonderful creation. 

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National Milk Chocolate Day
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