National Chicken Wing Day

Next Monday, 29 July 2024

National Chicken Wing Day is observed every year on July 29th. Chicken wings are undoubtedly one of the world's favorite finger food, and it can be found almost anywhere. 

From the classic Buffalo Wings to Thai Chili Wings, to Hong Kong Style Wings to the Korean Style wings, there is something or the other for everyone. 

A serving of chicken wings tossed in sauce with a lime wedge

The History Of Chicken Wing Day

Chicken Wings might seem like a common item in American cuisine now, but it wasn't always that popular. 

Rather, chicken wings were considered the part of the chicken that could not be consumed. It was also used for making stock. 

Chicken wings started gaining popularity in the 1960s when a bar owner in Buffalo, New York began serving them.

Teressa Bellissimo, the co-owner of the Anchor Bar located in Buffalo, was searching for a way to get rid of the extra chicken wings she had. 

She deep-fried those wings and tossed them in some spicy sauce, and this dish became an instant hit. As a result, it was added as a regular item on the menu and word started spreading quickly.

Soon, other restaurants started picking up and coming up with their own versions of chicken wings. 

How To Celebrate National Chicken Wing Day

The best way to celebrate National Chicken Wings Day is to indulge yourself in a plateful of your favorite wings.

A lot of bars and restaurants often run special promotions on this, so you can take advantage of that. 

Some places even host challenges and special events that can be fun and adventurous. If you love chicken wings, this is the day to eat them without any guilt.

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National Chicken Wing Day
National Chicken Wing Day

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