Autism Awareness Day

Next Wednesday, 2 April 2025

Autism Awareness Day is observed every year on April 2nd across the world. 

This is another one of the United Nation's health-related days. This particular day, as the name suggests is for raising awareness and educating people about Autism.

An Image Saying “Autism Is Not A Disability, It’s A Different Ability”

Many international Autism Organizations join forces on this day and educate people, as well as further medical research.

Background of Autism Awareness Day

Qatar representative Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser Al-Missned proposed Autism Awareness Day to the United Nations on November 1st, 2007. 

It was adopted on December 18, of the same year. April 2nd was established as Autism Awareness Day and it was first observed in 2008. 

The proposal had the support of all of the member states but did not go to a vote, as it was considered by the UN to be a matter of human rights.

This is one of seven health-related days observed by the United Nations. 

On this day, the UN invites all of its member states and private health organizations to take part in raising awareness among the public about autism.

What is Autism

Autism is a complex disorder that affects and impairs a person's brain functions. People with this disorder struggle with things that are normal to the human eye. This includes communicating with other people, participating in activities, doing daily chores, and so on. 

Autistic people are also sensitive to change and various other things like loud noise, migrating from one place to another, etc. 

Autism is a spectrum of neurodiversity that can impact anyone regardless of gender. However, statistics show that although 1 out of 68 children are affected by autism, boys are 5 times as likely to be affected.

Awareness regarding autism has notably changed over time. It has become better diagnosed in the United States in recent years.

In the early 20th century many people were undiagnosed and went untreated and only the most severe cases were recognized.

People who suffered from autism were often ostracized and institutionalized. Nowadays, research is advancing more each year, and Autism Awareness day is crucial when it comes to educating parents, teachers, and society. 

Autism Awareness Day events

Around the world, there are events to raise the profile of autism and eliminate the stigma around it.

These discussions include led by panels of health organizations and experts, which provide parents with the resources they need to help children with autism, and also health professionals with information about special treatments.

There are also special events for people with autism such as creative workshops, and exhibitions of the art they create. Some NGOs have special clinics where families can go in order to speak with pediatricians, therapists, and people who can help those who are autistic.

Every year there is a theme for Autism Awareness day and the theme for 2023 will be "Color".

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Autism Awareness Day
Autism Awareness Day

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