Singles Awareness Day

Next Wednesday, 15 February 2023

Singles Awareness Day is celebrated every year on February 15. During the period around Valentine's Day, we are constantly bombarded with adverts, merchandise, and messages about love and relationships, and single people can sometimes be made to feel sad or inferior. This is why they decided to fight back and create Singles Awareness Day as an anti-Valentine's Day holiday.

It is a push back against the idea that you have to find yourself a partner, and an affirmation that people can be very happy even if they're single. It also reminds people that you do not need another person to complete you, and there are actually many advantages to being single - more freedom, more money, and fewer responsibilities.

At the same time, many people have begun using Singles Awareness Day as a day to celebrate other kinds of love and relationships, such as the one between friends, family, and yourself.


There are a few claims as to where and when Singles Awareness Day originated.

In the United States, a man named Dustin Barnes claims, in a blog post written in 2005, to be the creator of Singles Awareness Day. He writes that during high school, he and his friends started celebrating their singledom rather than be sad about not having partners. They picked February 15 as the date not only to protest Valentine's Day but also because they could get discounted candy and chocolates that had been left in the supermarkets. When Barnes moved to Mississippi State University, he carried the holiday with him, and it quickly gained popularity among students. In 2005, Singles Awareness Day was officially copyrighted.

However, there has been a similar celebration in the United Kingdom for quite a few years, so it is unclear to what extent Singles Awareness Day in the United States was inspired by that.

Singles Awareness Day keeps growing in popularity in America, especially now that we have social media. Self-love has become a big thing amongst younger people, and it is encouraged to learn how to love yourself before you get in a relationship with someone else. At the same time, Singles Awareness Day allows us to reflect on how important non-romantic relationships and love are in our lives. It makes us appreciate ourselves, but also our friends and family, and reminds us that you do not need to have a significant other to celebrate love.

There are many negative things associated with being single. Single people are dubbed as spinsters or bachelors who live sad and unfulfilling lives. But being single comes with plenty of benefits! Singles have the freedom to plan their lives as they want without having to consult with a partner. They can travel, go out for dinner with friends, move cities for work, accept job offers, and they are free to make those decisions by themselves. Single people also tend to be more independent and self-reliant, especially single parents who have a child to care for and raise. And finally, single people are usually there to support their friends when they're in need, more than people who are tied into relationships.

How to Celebrate Singles Awareness Day

There are many ways to celebrate this day, whether you want to do it by yourself or with friends.

If you'd rather spend Singles Awareness Day by yourself, dedicate it to practicing some self-care. This means different things for different people, so first you have to figure out what self-care is for you - is it getting yourself in a bubble bath with a face mask and a drink? Is it laying on the sofa watching movies and eating your favorite snacks? Is it treating yourself to a shopping spree or a spa day? Whatever self-care means for you, this is the perfect day to do it. Spend the day relishing in your independence to do whatever you want.

Want to celebrate singledom with your friends? Go out for brunch, dinner, or drinks, or meet up in someone's house to celebrate being single. Exchange horror dating stories to remind yourselves that being single is worth it. Many people like to give their friends gifts on Singles Awareness Day to show their love and appreciation.

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate Singles Awareness Day, just remember that it is a day to appreciate yourself, your friends, and your family.

Singles Awareness Day
Singles Awareness Day

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