On Tuesday, November 27, 2023, the full moon, also known as Beaver Moon, will take place at 04:16 am EDT and will also be accompanied by a lunar eclipse where the moon, the earth, and the sun would be in a straight line.

an image of beaver moon

With earth in the middle, the shadow will fall on the moon causing it to appear darker. It would be interesting to see what happens when the blood moon and beaver moon merge together. Will we be able to see a fully illuminated red moon?

The full moon of November is known as Beaver Moon in honor of the aquatic rodents. The Beaver Moon also means the onset of winter. 

Year Gives you Day
2021 November 18-19 Thursday
2022 November 8 Tuesday
2023 November 27 Thursday
2024 November 15 Friday
2025 November 5 Wednesday

Why It Is Called The Beaver Moon

It is called the Beaver Moon because animals like beavers start preparing their dens for the coldest winter days during this time. Beavers are spotted along the riverbanks collecting wood and other materials to strand the dams and lodges before it snows. 

An image of a beaver
Beavers Are Aquatic Rodents That Are Spotted On The Riverbanks During This Time Of The Year

It is also known that during this time, the Native American tribes and European settlers put up beaver traps to catch them and use their furs for warmer winter clothing. 

Besides, November is also when the hard frost starts getting bitter and that's why the full moon is also sometimes known as 'Frost Moon. 

When you see a fully illuminated moon from earth, that is a full moon and it occurs once a month. 

Apart from 'Frost Moon' and 'Beaver Moon, there are some other names for the November full moon as well such as:

  • Trading Moon
  • Oak moon
  • Mourning Moon
  • Turkey moon
  • Dark moon
  • Deer Rutting Moon
  • Scratching Moon
  • Corn moon
  • Flower Moon
  • Hare Moon

 If you are in Hawaii or Alaska during this time, you will probably have a very clear view of the "Beaver Moon".

It will also be visible in the early morning hours of North and Central America before the moon sets. 

The last full moon of the year is Cold Moon