Cinco de Marcho

Next Wednesday, 5 March 2025

All drinkers assemble as Cinco De Marcho (Not Cinco De Mayo!) will be celebrated on TuesdayMarch 5 this year. It is the ultimate fusion festival that celebrates Mexican and Irish cultures- Cinco De Mayo and St. Patrick's Day. 

Cinco De Marcho is celebrated to train you and your liver for all the drinking to be done twelve days later on St. Patrick's Day. This light-hearted made-up holiday is the perfect occasion to lighten your mood, embrace diversity, and go out drinking with your buddies. 

Cinco De Marcho

The Birth of Cinco De Marcho: The Story of Two Light Drinkers

This fun celebration started back in 2007 when a couple got to know about a sudden visit from their friend on St. Patrick's Day and had to prepare beforehand for the drinking. 

Lady O'Le and Carlos Fantastico were taken aback when they heard that their friend was visiting on St. Patrick's Day. They were not heavy drinkers so they began to worry about the day. In an attempt to prepare themselves for heavy drinking, the couple decided to train their liver in a local Mexican restaurant. The rest is history.

Gear Up For Cinco De Marcho Celebration

  • Did you know that there is a designated drink for Cinco De Marcho? It's called 'Green Mexican', consisting of a mix of tequila (Mexican) and green beer (Irish). Remember you can also make your own fusion cocktail!
  • Celebrate this fun holiday by organizing drinking games or hosting a party for your friends.
  • While Cinco De Marcho is mostly about drinking, you do not need to consume alcohol if you don't want to. This fun day embraces and celebrates the fusion of two cultures so participation is open to all.
  • Many restaurants, especially Mexican and Irish ones, host small events or offer discounts on this day so keep an eye out. 

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Cinco de Marcho
Cinco de Marcho

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