Middle Child Day

Next Monday, 12 August 2024

Middle Child Day is observed every year on August 12th to honor and celebrate the often ignored and overlooked middle children. 

If you're the parent or the sibling of a middle child, spend the day treating them and giving them all the attention they deserve.

This is the perfect way to make sure they have a very happy Middle Child Day!

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Background of Middle Child Day

Middle Child Day was originally named Middle Children's Day and it was created to honor the middle child born to a woman named Elizabeth Walker in 1986. 

Initially, the day was celebrated on the second Saturday in August but soon became fixed on August 12th. 

The intention of Walker was to have a day to celebrate middle children so they don't feel left out like always especially in larger families. 

Bruce Hopman, the founder of the International Middle Child's Union has also been campaigning for a while to change the date to July 2nd as it falls exactly in the middle of the year. 

Why is there a Middle Child Day

Families that have more than two children, tend to be more attentive to the oldest and the youngest ones.

As a result, the middle ones can often feel ignored, 

Several studies have also found a correlation between birth order and personality that originated the stereotype of middle children being resentful and withdrawn due to ignorance. 

In 1964. Dr. Alfred Adler developed the well-known Middle Child Syndrome Theory.

The theory states that the birth order plays a significant role in personality development. 

It is also mentioned that children have different personality traits according to the order they were born into a family. 

The characteristics of a middle child often are quiet, and competitive towards their other sibling while being diplomatic and excellent at solving conflicts, having trouble fitting in, and feeling equal.

Although many people associate being the middle child with something negative, middle children can grow up to be independent, resourceful, and creative.

Lacking attention can also mean that they are able to freely develop life skills and personalities, without the parents' impediment.

Because of all of this, middle children have a big sense of justice and are very empathic and diplomatic, so it comes as no surprise that many United States Presidents were middle children!

How to Celebrate Middle Child Day

If you have a middle child or sibling, get in touch with them and invite them to spend the day together with them as the center of attention!

The important thing is that you listen to them and make them know they're loved. 

If you and your middle sibling have a fun relationship, share your favorite Middle Child Day memes with them to make them laugh. 

Middle Child Day
Middle Child Day

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