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National Bird Day

Next Wednesday, 5 January 2022

National Bird Day is observed every year on January 5. This holiday raises awareness about the fact that birds are an endangered species in the United States, especially those who are not native to the country. It highlights the way in which we can all contribute to protecting birds and their habitats, both captive and wild. At the same time, it encourages people to take a little bit of time from their day to stop and appreciate the beauty of birds and their birdsong.

National Bird Day is not the same as Bird Day. Bird Day is celebrated on May 4th, and has been observed since the 19th century, and focuses on how important birds are for the environment.


This day was created in 2002 by Born Free USA and the Avian Welfare Coalition. Their goal was to promote avian awareness, and the issues that affect birds in America. January 5 was chosen as the date to celebrate this holiday so as to coincide with the annual Christmas Bird Count. This count lasts for 3 weeks and is a science survey run by citizens that controls the health of the native bird populations of the United States.

Birds do so much more than flying around singing their songs. They are sentinel species who serve as the barometer of ecosystem health and alert us about global environmental ills. They are crucial for our environment, and the only way to prevent their extinction and assure their survival is to educate the public about ways to help them and raise awareness about the need for conservation, which is why National Bird Day is so important.

There are almost 10,000 different bird species around the world, and 850 of those inhabit the United States. According to Bird Free USA, 12% of those 10,000 are in danger of extinction.

How to Observe National Bird Day

There are many ways to celebrate National Bird Day, whether you are a regular bird enthusiast or a bird novice.

A great activity for this day is to do some bird watching. You can join a bird-watching group in your area, or get a bird identification book and try it yourself. This will be a good way to learn more about the species that live around you.

You can be of great help to the birds in your area by adding bird feeders and shelter in your garden if you have one. The birds will feel like they have a sanctuary and a safe space in your backyard.

If you don't have a garden, consider donating to an aviary or bird sanctuary, thus ensuring you are helping birds from being extinct.

National Bird Day
National Bird Day

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