National Brother's Day

Next Wednesday, 24 May 2023

They can drive us crazy, but we love them anyway. That's why every May 24 we celebrate National Brother's Day, a day to celebrate the brothers in our lives who are always there when we need them. The bond between siblings is often very strong, and brothers play a very special role in that relationship - from the protectors of their younger siblings to the family clowns. Even if you don't have a brother you can celebrate this day, and honor your brother-in-law, or a best friend with who you're so close with they're like a brother. Show them how much you appreciate them, and thank them for always being able to count on them for anything.

History of National Brother's Day

National Brother's Day was created by C. Daniel Rhodes, from Alabama. Although there are different accounts of when this day was founded (some say 2005, others believe it was between 2015 and 2018), this unofficial holiday quickly picked up in popularity and is now celebrated all over the United States, and in some countries around the world, such as India, France, and Australia.

People who are fortunate enough to be close to their brothers know that they have someone in their lives who will always have their backs and be there to support them. Sometimes brothers can pretend they're too cool to display affection, but we know that they would drop everything to help their siblings in any way they can. If you have a brother you know that you've got a best friend for life. Even if they're far away, they'll always pick up the phone and be happy to talk to you.

Even if they can sometimes be annoying growing up, playing pranks, or tattling to parents, a brother can eventually become your best pal, who will never leave you behind.

Sometimes the brothers in our lives are the cousins, the best friends, or the brothers-in-law who act exactly like a brother and are always up to get together, have a chat, and be there for you when you need them.

The sense of brotherhood has always been quite strong amongst men in America, who have always taken their "bro code" very seriously. This day can also be about celebrating your bros and best friends, who you can have a good time with, but also rely on when times get a bit tougher.

How to Celebrate National Brother's Day

Spend this day getting together with your brothers, whether they are blood-related or not, and celebrating in your favorite way.

You can get together to reminisce about funny memories you have had growing up together, which is a good way to remind you of what you've been through together and how your bond has grown.

Do a favorite activity together and have some fun. You can go out to eat or have a BBQ, stay in and play videogames or go out for a hike, whatever you do just remember this is about celebrating brothers and all they do for us.

National Brother's Day
National Brother's Day

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