National Black Cat Day

Next Sunday, 27 October 2024

Turns out, black cats aren't bad luck... they're just really good at hiding in the shadows. So let's all celebrate National Black Cat Day on October 27 every year. 

Did you know that in shelters, black cats are consistently the least likely to be adopted? Overlooked for their fur color and burdened by age old superstitions, these beauties are often overlooked. Today, on National Black Cat Day, let's shed light on this injustice and celebrate the magic of black cats!

Woman Holding a Black Cat

National Black Cat day should not be confused with Black Cat Appreciation Day which takes place on August 17 every year. 

Are Black Cats Bad Luck: Where Did This Superstition Originate

We are pretty sure that you must have heard that crossing paths with a black cat will bring misfortune or bad luck at least once in your life. These actually date back to a long time ago.

Black cat


Hecate, the goddess of magic, witchcraft, sorcery, and ghosts had a cat that was apparently her associate or partner and assisted her in her supernatural tricks.

Black Cats and Witchcraft

It was actually Pope Gregory IX who openly proclaimed to the people that black cats represented Satan or the devil. Thus, having a black cat meant inviting bad omens to one's house.

Due to this belief, many black cats were killed in the ancient days. 

Black cats were also associated with witches or pagans who did not practice Christianity. They were considered to be the companions of the witches and some were even said to be shape-shifting witches themselves. 

Black Cats Are Actually Good Luck in Some Cultures!

Did you know spotting a black cat in Japan means good luck for single women as it signifies finding love and getting married?

In France, crossing paths with a black cat actually means that something magical is about to happen. 

Besides this, black cats were worshiped in Egypt back in the days since they were considered to be the descendants of Goddess Bastet. She was the goddess of home, domesticity, fertility, women's secrets, childbirth and cats of course. Thus, cats represented all these fortunes. 

Celebrate National Black Cat Day 

Adopt a Black Cat

Image of a sad black cat while a ginger cat is being adopted

Did you know that only 10% of black cats are adopted and around 74% are euthanized? The numbers are quite bad compared to other cats. It can be attributed to the negative stereotypes surrounding a black cat.

So this National Black Cat Day, give a black cat a permanent home. 

Spread Awareness

Even today, many people associate black cats with bad luck. Thus, spread awareness about how it is all a myth and also how they are considered a good luck charm in many cultures.

Share with as many friends and family as possible and also educate people on social media.

Photo Contest

Share pictures of your beautiful black cat on National Black Cat Day for the entire world to see. Ask your friends and followers to do the same. Let's turn this into a fun photo contest to see which pet parent captures the best picture of their cat. 

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National Black Cat Day
National Black Cat Day

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