National Take Your Cat to Work Day

Next Monday, 17 June 2024

Take Your Cat to Work Day is here on June 17  which means that it is the perfect opportunity to carry your furry little friend to your workplace and let them receive some extra love and attention from your co-workers. 

It takes place on the third Monday in June every year. 

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Who Started Taking Your Cat to Work Day

We can thank Pet Sitters International (PSI) for creating this special day for all cat parents. While Take Your Dog To Work Day has been around since 1999, National Take Your Cat to Work Day arrived on the scene a bit later in 2005.

Cats deserve a chance to leave their pawprints on the corporate ladder too!

How You Can Participate in Taking Your Cat to Work Day

Have you ever wondered how having your cat in the office would significantly improve your mood as well as the work atmosphere?

It would also give an explanation to your feline friends about why you suddenly go missing for 7 to 8 hours on weekdays. Thus, you need to make this day extra special for them as well as yourself. 

  • Today is the day for cats so decorate your office with cat-themed items and make the purr-fect workspace for your cats.
  • You can create a cat corner for all the lazy, non-social, and hyperactive cats who need momentary rest. Arrange for a small pillow, catnip, and toys for them.
  • If your colleagues are also bringing their cats to work, you can organize a custom contest for them. What's more precious than seeing cute little cats roaming around the office in costumes?
  • Pictures are important to remember every event including Take Your Cat to Work Day. Set up photo booths to capture memorable pictures with your cat.
  • On this day, we also need to remember about all the strays and cats that have not yet reached their forever home and encourage cat adoption. 
  • You can also let other cat owners know about this day by posting on social media with the hashtag #takeyourcattoworkday .

5 Cat Facts That Will Make You Love Them Even More

  • Studies have shown that the faces of cats release more oxytocin in the brain which makes us more joyful and trusting.
  • Did you know there is a special meaning behind a cat's headbutt? It is their way to mark you with their scent and claim you as one of their own!
  • Petting a cat helps to release more serotonin and dopamine, the feel-good hormones. 
  • Some research suggests that a cat's purr has healing properties due to its frequency. It is related to tissue regeneration. 
  • It is not just the size of cats which is small but also their visual range. Cats can clearly see objects that are within a radius of 20 inches, everything beyond that is nothing but a blurry distant object for them.

Did you know there's a day called National Hug Your Cat Day ?
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National Take Your Cat to Work Day
National Take Your Cat to Work Day

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