National Love Your Pet Day

Next Thursday, 20 February 2025

National Love Your Pet Day is celebrated on  February 20th  for pet lovers to show their affection for their best friends. Although pet lovers do that every day, this day is just an excuse for them to do that even more. 

For pet owners, they are not only our pets but our best friends and our family. The bond between pets and their humans is one of the strongest to exist on this planet. 

Pets love us unconditionally, so today is all about doing the same for them. 

National Love Your Pet Day is about making all pets feel special, whether they are dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, birds, or rodents, it does not matter. 

This day should not be confused with National Pet Day, which is celebrated on April 11. 

Photo Of Different Puppies

History of National Love Your Pet Day

While it is unclear who created National Love Your Pet Day, and when, there are some records of this day being celebrated since the early 2000s. 

However, one thing we do know: humans have had pets for thousands of years! The bond between humans and domesticated animals has always been a strong one, and in ancient times some pets were even buried alongside their owners. It is possible that the first animal to live with humans was the wolf, so it is no wonder that dogs are considered to be men's friends. 

Pets have been our companions for centuries, and it has always been very common to own one. The United States is a country of pet lovers, which is probably why most households have at least one pet. Here are the most popular:

  • 60 million households own dogs .
  • 47 million prefer Cats .
  • There are 12 million households with Fish .
  • 8 million are Bird lovers.
  • Quickly followed by Reptiles , owned by 4.7 million households. 

However, there are more cats than dogs in America, but most households do own dogs. This is because usually, households that have cats have more than one cat. 

Close-Up Photo of a Hand Holding Three White Kittens

Why National Love Your Pet Day is Celebrated

Pets show us their unconditional love and appreciation every day. We make them happy, and they make us happy in return. Even when we've been busy with work, away for too long, or more interested in our phones than playing with them, pets never resent us (unless you have a cat).

Let National Love Your Pet Day remind you of all the ways your pet shows you their love for you. Pets make us feel better when we're down, they make us look forward to coming home, they teach us patience, and they teach us how to love another being. So, on National Love Your Pet Day, take some time to reciprocate the love and appreciation and give them your undivided attention. 

National Love Your Pet Day Activities

Make sure your pet has a happy National Love Your Pet Day by doing all of their favorite things! Most pets are happy just getting any attention, so don't forget to cuddle and play with them a lot today. The way to some pets' hearts is through their stomach, so get your pet their favorite, most delicious treats, it is a special day after all. This day is also the perfect excuse to spoil them with a new toy. Finally, if your pet enjoys being outside, take them somewhere new like the beach or a big park, and let them explore the world. 

We are all very proud of our pets, so we love to show them off. National Love Your Pet Day is the perfect excuse to flood your social media with cute images and photos of your pets!

If you want to share the love but don't own a pet, National Love Your Pet Day is the perfect opportunity to talk to some shelters about the possibility of adopting one. 

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