National Martini Day

Next Thursday, 19 June 2025

Channel your inner James Bond as it is National Martini Day today on June 19th! It is the perfect excuse to raise a glass, and celebrate this iconic drink.

Martinis are a type of drink made with gin and vermouth and garnished with an olive or a lemon twist.

Although the exact origin of this iconic cocktail is unknown, it is generally believed that martinis date back to the 19th century. Also, martinis are purely an American creation that quickly spread to the rest of the globe. 

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Who Started National Martini Day

Did you know that National Martini Day has been in existence since 1997? Yes, it has been almost 30 days since a special day has been dedicated to this special drink. 

However, National Martini Day should not be confused with World Martini Day as the latter came much later in 2012. Belvedere Vodka was the one that started World Martini Day. World Martini Day is celebrated on the third Saturday of June.

How to Make the Perfect Classic Martini Recipe At Home

Martini Ingredients

Now, a classic martini is usually made with Gin but if you prefer vodka, so be it!

Besides Gin/vodka, you need dry Vermouth, olives, or a lemon twist and ice, please!

Step By Step Process to Make the Perfect Glass of Martini

  • First, put two or three ice cubes in your glass.
  • Add gin to it.
  • Next, add some vermouth. [Remember the preferred ratio of gin to vermouth in a classic martini is 2:1 but it varies according to one's taste]
  • If you wish to make a dirty martini, this is an extra step where you have to add olive brine 
  • Stir, strain, and serve with an olive garnish. Cheers, your chilled martini is ready!

How to Make Dry Martini

As the name suggests, Dry Martini uses less vermouth than a classic one. The gin-to-vermouth ratio can vary, but a common starting point is 5:1.
This means the drink is drier and has a more prominent gin flavor compared to the herbal notes of the vermouth.

This means the drink is drier and has a more prominent gin flavor compared to the herbal notes of the vermouth.

Dry Martini Recipe

  • Fill a shaker with ice cubes and add around 5 tablespoons of London dry gin and 1 tablespoon of dry vermouth.
  • Stir and stir and stir! 
  • Strain the drink into a chilled martini glass where you'll enjoy your drink. 
  • Lastly, garnish with either olive or lemon peel, and enjoy.

Types of Martini

The list of martinis is quite long and some of them have the most bizarre and peculiar names.

  1. The Classic Martini
  2. ​​​​​The Vodka Martini
  3. The Dirty Martini
  4. The Filthy Martini
  5. The Gibson Martini
  6. The Perfect Martini
  7. The Upside Down Martini
  8. The Bone-dry Martini
  9. The Montgomery Martini
  10. The Churchill Martini
  11. The Vesper Martini
  12. The Martinez
  13. The Hot Martini
  14. The Spicy Martini
  15. The Hot 'n' Dirty Martini
  16. The Pickle Martini
  17. The Paisley Martini
  18. The Appletini
  19. The Gimlet
  20. The Smokey Martini
  21. The Gypsy Martini
  22. The Limoncello Martini
  23. A Martini on the Rocks
  24. The Espresso Martini
  25. The Lychee Martini
  26. The Porn Star Martini
  27. The Breakfast Martini
  28. The Lemon Drop Martini
  29. The Candyfloss/ Cotton Candy Martini
  30. The French Martini
  31. The Cucumber Martini
  32. The Saketini

National Martini Day
National Martini Day

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