National Wine Day

Next Saturday, 25 May 2024

National Wine Day is celebrated every year on May 25. It is a day to appreciate wine and the science and art behind enology. 

This day should not be confused with National Drink Wine Day, which happens on February 18.


The origins of the observance are not certain, although the first mentions of the day can be traced back to 2009. 

Wine, however, has a long and rich history behind it. Traces of its production were found during an archaeological dig dating back to 6000 BC in Georgia. A winery thought to date back to 4300 BC was also found by scientists, and it is believed to have been a site where wine was produced, as they found cups and jars, as well as wine presses and fermentation vats. 

 Nowadays, there are enologists, people who practice enology which is the study of wine and winemaking. In the United States, many colleges offer Enology courses, where one can study to become a wine expert or sommelier. 

In the United States, California leads the wine production business with over 800 wineries in the state. 

How it is observed

If the day falls on the weekend, or you have the day off, a good way to celebrate this holiday is to pay a visit to one of the many wineries in the United States such as the ones in Napa Valley or Sonoma. 

If you're staying at home, you can buy some different wines and try an online enology course to learn more about understanding wine. 

Some Facts About Wine

  • Because of its antioxidants, red wine is thought to have many health benefits.
  • Wine glasses should always be held by the stem. If you hold it by the cup, the wine temperature will rise. 
  • Wine should always be stored laying down, so the cork doesn't dry out and fall into the wine. 
  • When eating, red wine is usually paired with red meat and white wine with chicken and fish. 
  • The "swirl" that some people do while drinking wine is meant to release its aromas. 
  • Wine has not fat and no cholesterol, so you can indulge in a glass or two guilt-free!
National Wine Day
National Wine Day

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