National Potato Day

Next Saturday, 19 August 2023

National Potato Day is celebrated on August 19th every year to honor the humble but most versatile favorite food of people-Potatoes. 

Whether they are roasted, fried, boiled, or mashed, potatoes are the perfect side for any dish and everyone's favorite comfort food. This fan-favorite root vegetable is a significant part of cuisines across the world and is enough to make people full.

National Potato Day is a time to express gratitude and appreciation for the rich history and culinary significance of potatoes. 

Potatoes on the ground

History of National Potato Day

The history and origin of national potato day are not very well-recorded and the information available is very limited. But, it is believed that the food industry is responsible for getting this day into the calendar.  

Potato is a vegetable that has been a part of people's meals for centuries with the first potato crops planted dating back to 5000-8000 BC in Peru and Bolivia. 

It spread all over the world from there and now is a staple in several cuisines across the globe. The versatility of potato allows them to be cooked in different ways and paired with almost everything. 

They can also be used not only as a side, but to make bread, pancakes, soup, and even drinks. 

Potato crops are notorious for how many potatoes they give year-round. As long as the plants get enough sun rays it has enough energy to produce the spuds and to carry on growing.

As it is such a fruitful crop, potatoes have been the main source of sustenance for many populations over the years. It is also so full of nutrients that people can live off only potatoes for months!

In fact, between 1845 and 1849 a plague in the potato crops left some of the population of Ireland without potatoes for 4 years, and millions lost their lives due to starvation.

French fries are one of the most popular ways to prepare potatoes.

French fries actually arrived in the United States in 1784 when James Hemings.

Thomas Jefferson's slave, traveled to France with Jefferson so he could learn how to cook them the French way.

After returning to the United States, Hemings used to cook French fried potatoes for Jefferson's guests. They quickly became a hit that spread through the country when the recipe was shared in a cookbook in 1817. 

Potato is one of the most important ingredients in that Canadian classic comfort dish from Quebec, poutine. 

A majority of Americans also consider potatoes to be among their favorite comfort food, the three preferred ways they like to eat them are mashed, fried, and baked. Most people eat potatoes for dinner and love slathering their spuds with butter. 

What to do on National Potato Day

On National Potato Day you can really go all out and eat potatoes for every meal! You can use regular potatoes or sweet potatoes for any of these.

Start the day by making some delicious and crispy hash browns for your breakfast. You can have these alongside eggs, bacon, or avocado. Potato pancakes are also a good option for your first meal of the day!

The versatility of potatoes allows you to have them as a side to anything your heart desires!

National Potato Day
National Potato Day

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