Cousins Day

Next Monday, 24 July 2023

National Cousins Day is celebrated every year on July 24. On this day, we honor cousins and the important role they play in our lives as the first and closest friends we have while growing up. Some cousins can be like our siblings, and this is the perfect day to show your favorite cousins how much you appreciate them. 


There is no evidence of how or when National Cousins Day became an annual observance on calendars, but with the rise of social media, the day has gained popularity because of people sharing photos with their cousins on July 24, to show their appreciation for their family members. 

For many people, cousins are like siblings or at least very close friends. In boring family reunions, cousins of the same age tend to stick together to play with each other, or catch up and reminisce about their childhood together. As cousins can span many generations and carry many different ties, in many families, it is cousins who keep those ties together with members of the extended family. Even if people lose touch with their cousins, a re-encounter later in life is always certain to bring back many happy memories. 

Cousins are usually the children of your aunt or uncle, but your parents' cousins can also be considered your cousin. Whether someone is your cousin is determined by whether they share a common ancestor with you, usually one of your grandparents. There are also second cousins, who are the people that share a great-grandparent as an ancestor. 

How to Celebrate National Cousins Day

If you live close to your cousins, try to organize a cousin’s reunion on this day. As it happens during the summer, you can throw a picnic or a barbeque, and get all your cousins together. If you have younger cousins, connect with them by playing games. 

Try to reconnect with cousins who are far away, by sending them a message or giving them a call, and reminisce about the good old days. 

Cousins Day
Cousins Day

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