National Bubble Bath Day

Next Wednesday, 8 January 2025

What better way to start the new year than by celebrating  National Bubble Bath Day on January 8th  and indulging in a luxurious, cozy, warm bubble bath to lift your spirits? 

Sometimes, we are so lost in our routines that taking a bubble bath becomes very difficult. Hence, let the national bubble bath day serve as a reminder to take a step back and slip into a warm bubble bath. 

This day encourages one to indulge in self-care activities and a moment of solitude amid the daily chaos and hustle while enjoying the soothing experience of being soaked in warm bubbles. 

A woman laying in a bubble bath with foam

The Story Behind National Bubble Bath Day

The origins of National Bubble Bath Day are disputed, with some sources dating it back to the 1960s and others claiming it gained national recognition in and around 1999.

It was famously created by someone who understood the significance of unwinding after a busy day and how bubble baths can help you relax. 

One of the greatest advantages of running a bubble bath is that the bubbles at the top insulate the water, thus keeping it warmer for a longer time period.

Since the Roman age, bathing has been a very common practice but it was only during the 20th century that bubble baths became a thing due to the invention of soap flakes. In the 1930s most people enjoyed bubble baths, but it was in the 1940s that they really grew in popularity. 

Mr. Bubble, a popular bath product in the United States, has delighted people and filled countless tubs.

How to Celebrate National Bubble Bath Day

Bubble baths are a very common practice around the world nowadays and the majority do it to soothe themselves. With bubble baths, bath time for kids is easier and hassle-free as they love playing with the bubbles. Add a rubber duck and some bath toys and you'll get a messy, but fun, bath time.

A Kid Enjoying the Soap Bubbles While Bathing

The obvious way to celebrate this day is with a bubble bath - whether you want to relax by yourself, or make bath time extra fun for your kids, make sure to get your bath products out! Here are some relaxing and fun bubble bath ideas. 

To make a soothing bubble bath that is almost spa-like, turn on your favorite music and light some candles. Add some essential oils to your bath so it is extra relaxing. For some entertainment, you can bring in a book with you, or watch a TV show or movie while in the bath. To complete this self-care ritual, don't forget to get yourself a nice drink to enjoy while in your bubble bath!

Already a regular bubble bath? Convert your friends to bubble baths by gifting them a nice bath set, with luxurious products they can't help but use!

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National Bubble Bath Day
National Bubble Bath Day

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