National Hangover Day

Next Monday, 1 January 2024

If you have gone all out while celebrating New Year's Eve, you'll be happy to discover that January 1st is National Hangover Day. It's a good thing this day coincides with New Year's Day, as it gives people the chance to stay home and nurse their headaches. Obviously starting the year hungover is not ideal, but this day lets those who have overindulged know that they are not alone in their mistakes. 

National Hungover Day is not a public holiday, but it falls on the same day as New Year's Day, so businesses and schools are closed for the day. 


This day was established by a group of friends from Arkansas in 2015. While sitting together at a restaurant, Oven and Tap, they started discussing national holidays and how some days have so many holidays attached to them. They soon realized that January 1 was only really known as New Year's Day, so they set to create National Hangover Day on this date. The official proclamation for this day was approved in November of 2015. 

National Hangover Day is not as much a celebration, as it is a day to find out how to feel better after one too many drinks. There are many scientific ways to prevent and cure hangovers, but on National Hangover Day, people take to social media to share their own tips and tricks on how to get rid of that headache. 

The main symptoms of a hangover are tiredness and head and muscle aches. Some people also get an upset stomach and may feel dizzy for the most part of the day. It is certainly not a pleasant feeling.

The good news is, there are a few ways to prevent hangovers, so here are some ways to avoid that hangover:

  • The most obvious one is to pace yourself when drinking (or not drink at all). Sometimes we may feel the pressure to keep up with others, but it is important to know our limits and stop drinking when it doesn't feel right.
  • Eating before and during drinking is very important, as food slows alcohol absorption. Never drink on an empty stomach.
  • Keeping hydrated is also crucial, and you should always have water in hand. 

If it's too late and you're already feeling the brunt of last night's poor choices, the best things to do when you have a hangover are to eat a banana, as they have a lot of potassium, a nutrient you lose while drinking. You should also eat food that is high in carbohydrates and protein, many people choose to eat toast with fried eggs, as it is proven to be a great hangover cure. Finally, never forget to drink loads of water!

If anything, one positive thing about National Hangover Day is that it gives everyone an excuse to stay in bed all day, watching their favorite shows, and eating some take-out. 

What to do on National Hangover Day

If you find yourself hungover on this day, try to have some of the cures mentioned above at the ready. Stock up on bananas, eggs, and water, and try to rest as much as possible. Avoid painkillers, as contrary to popular belief, they will just delay you feeling better. 

If you were responsible and stayed away from alcohol last night, consider helping your partner or friends nurse their hangover. Bring them food and water, and spend a lazy day with them on the sofa. 

National Hangover Day
National Hangover Day

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