August is the 8th month of the year according to the globally followed Gregorian calendar. August has 31 days in total where the number of working days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) is 22. 

August is usually summer in the Northern Hemisphere whereas it is Winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

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August Meaning and How Did the Month of August Originate

The term August means respected and impressive. However, the 8th Month wasn't always known as August. It was previously known as Sextilus (Latin for Sixth Month). 

In 8 BCE, the 8th month was changed to August after the first and most famous Roman Emperor, Augustus Caesar. However, his birth name was completely different- Gaius Octavius. 

Gaius Octavius ​​was actually Julius Caesar's grandnephew. After he defeated the assassins who killed Julius Caesar, exiled Lepidus and Antony, and Cleopatra (the Queen of Egypt) died, he was left with the entire Roman World.

In 27 BCE, the Roman Senate bestowed upon him the title "Augustus," meaning "exalted" or "revered."

It was finally in 8 BCE when the Roman Senate officially renamed the month Sextilis to Augustus. Today, we know it as August which is a shortened English form of Augustus.

August Holidays and Celebrations In Different Countries


National holidays in August include Indian Independence Day and Janmashtami.​ State holidays include Hariyali Teej, Patriots Day, Parsi New Year, and Raksha Bandhan. 

Some other important days are Friendship Day, Quit India Movement Anniversary, Teej, Onam, and Telugu Language Day. 

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The United States

While the US has no major Public holiday  in August, many state and local observances are celebrated. This includes Colorado Day, Coast Guard Birthday, Barack Obama Day, American Family Day, Purple Heart Day, Victory Day, Hawaii Statehood Day,  Bennington Battle Day, National Aviation Day, and many more. 

The United Kingdom

Some important holidays, celebrations and events  in the UK in August include Summer Bank Holiday, Yorkshire Day, and Notting Hill Carnival.


There are many important holidays, celebrations, and observances in Canada in August. This includes Civic Holiday, Heritage Day, British Columbia Day, Saskatchewan Day, and many more.


While there are no major public holidays in Australia in the month of August, the country still enjoys many important celebrations. This includes National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day, the Royal Queensland Show, and many more. 

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August Weather Conditions

August is generally one of the hottest months of the year across much of the Northern Hemisphere. This includes North America, Europe, and parts of Asia.

Deserts can experience scorching temperatures, while other regions might see more moderate warmth with normal temperature fluctuations. 

Rainfall tends to decrease in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere during August. This is because summer heat often leads to less precipitation and drier conditions. However, there are exceptions.

Monsoon rains continue in South Asia, and some coastal areas might experience increased hurricane activity. 

August in the Southern Hemisphere, on the other hand, brings winter weather. This means cooler temperatures with minimal rainfall.

Fun Holidays in August

Did you know that many fun holidays such as National Lazy Day, National Spoil Your Dog Day, National Middle Child Day, National Tell a Joke Day, and National Thrift Shop Day are also celebrated in August?

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August Birthstone and Birthflower

The August Birthflower is Gladiola also known as Sword Lily and Poppy. The gladiola symbolizes strength, integrity, and remembrance. Its tall, straight stem evokes a sword, hence the nickname "Sword Lily ". The poppy, the other August birth flower, represents peace and consolation.

Gladiola or Sword Lily

The August Birthstone is Periodt. It is somewhat greenish yellow so the August birthstone color is light green. Periodt usually means strength, power, prosperity, peace, and harmony.