National First Love Day

Next Monday, 18 September 2023

On September 18, take time to reminisce about the first time that you felt butterflies in your stomach because it is National First Love Day. Whether it was a childhood friend, a high school crush, or the person you chose to spend the rest of your life with, everybody has had a first love. This is the day to remember your first kiss, a first date, and that feeling of innocent love. Those memories might be bittersweet, but they remain with us throughout our lives.


Although it is not known who created this holiday, or why they created it, records show that National First Love Day was first celebrated in 2015 and originated in the United States. It has since become an annual holiday, as people clearly like to think back to the memories of their first love experience. 

Even though there are other holidays to celebrate relationships and love such as Valentine's Day, National Girlfriend Day, and National Boyfriend Day, National First Love Day is the only relationship holiday that is not exclusively dedicated to celebrating a current partner. It also shouldn't be confused with Global Love Day, or International Love Day, which is a worldwide celebration of love as a whole.

You never forget your first love and even though the memories of an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend may be painful for some, sometimes it is important to think back to those times to realize how much someone has grown and how much they have learned by going through that experience. Whether we want it or not, our first love is always going to influence us and play a role in how we are in future relationships. 

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What to do for National First Love Day

There are different ways to celebrate National First Love Day depending on your current situation.

If you are still in a loving relationship with your first love, then this day truly is for you! It is the ideal day to do something very special with them, such as planning a nice day at the place you first met, if possible, go out for dinner and a movie, have a romantic picnic, or simply spend the day in one of your favorite places together. The possibilities are endless. If you don’t have time to celebrate with one of the more grand suggestions above, some smaller gestures such as writing a heartfelt message, poem, or a love note for your partner can have just as much impact. Just make sure to celebrate the love that you two share!

If you are in a relationship but have long got over your first love, then take the day to commemorate and be thankful for your current partner, while acknowledging the role that your first love played in your life. Let them know just how much you adore and appreciate them.

If you're single, but still love romance and reminiscing, settle down with some popcorn and treat yourself to a day of watching your favorite romantic movies or binge-watching that new season you’ve been meaning to start. If you're more of the reading type, then delve into a new romantic novel.

National First Love Day
National First Love Day

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