National Bae Day

Next Monday, 10 June 2024

National Bae Day is celebrated on June 10th every year and is dedicated to all the couples and lovers who wish to shower their significant others with love and gratitude. 

The word 'bae' stands for before anyone and it is the day to show your significant other that they are truly the number one person in your life. 

national bae day

National Bae Day Origin

The origin of National Bae Day is unknown. However, it is believed that this day was created on the internet because days such as National Boyfriend Day also existed.

Other sources state that digital creator Lele Pons was the one who created National Bae Day back in 2018. She apparently wanted a holiday that celebrated the power, beauty, and significance of a strong relationship. 

The word 'bae' was commonly used among black teenagers and young people. It is a slang term that means affection or endearment.

The term gained popularity during 2013-2014 due to its increased usage in hip-hop and R&B songs. The word basically evolved as a short form for babe and baby. 

Bae is usually used to refer to one's boyfriend or girlfriend. However, its meaning has evolved with time. You can use it for anybody you love or care about including friends and in general. It is also used in a gender-neutral sense these days. 

Celebrate National Bae Day

You can do tons of fun activities to celebrate your loved one on National Bae Day:

  • You can take your partner or loved one out on a date. Date ideas include watching a movie, going to a restaurant, or going on a picnic. Even grocery shopping together counts as a cute little date.
  • Celebrate each other on social media. National Bae Day became popular on social media platforms first. Thus, it only makes sense if you post a picture with a cute caption to celebrate each other.
  • Give your partner a thoughtful gift on this day to remind them how special they are.
  • Spread the joy by celebrating other couples. If you are not with someone currently, you can still celebrate National Bae Day by helping and sponsoring other couples in their outing or any other thing. 

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National Bae Day
National Bae Day

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