Global Day of Parents

Next Thursday, 1 June 2023

The Global Day of Parents is an annual observance on June 1. It has a short history having been created by the United Nations in 2012. The UN described it as an event "to be observed annually, honouring parents throughout the world."

Growing Awareness

In 1989 the UN met and decided to celebrate the role of the family by announcing 1994 as the International Year of the Family. The theme of the year was “Family: resources and responsibilities in a changing world”. At this time the UN funded projects at a local and global level, using it's resources to raise awareness for and to promote policies in many countries that supported families.

During the same year the UN also began planning an international day of families that would be an annual celebration of the family unit. The UN decided to establish a day that was specially for parents, and this date was decided on by the UN general Assembly in 2012. The first Parent's day was the following year in 2013.

For All Parents

In announcing the first Global Day of Parents, the UN made it clear that this was a day for all parents, but especially those with young children, and inclusive of parents who have chosen to foster children. The day is also a celebration of all people who are involved in parenthood and the education of children.

Global Day of Parents is a good opportunity to show appreciation towards your own parents, or parents in the community where you live. It is also a good time for parents to reflect on their role and responsibilities, the challenges and rewards of being a parent.

Global Day of Parents
Global Day of Parents

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