National Mario Day

Next Monday, 10 March 2025

On March 10th every year, we celebrate National Mario Day to honor one of the most renowned characters of Nintendo Games. 

National Mario Day is a special occasion that brings gaming enthusiasts worldwide together.

March 10 is chosen as the special day because when written together, it looks like "Mar10' resembling "Mario". 

This day does not only pay homage to the iconic video game character but also offers exciting deals on all things Mario.

Focus Photo of Super Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi Figurines

History of Mario Day

The history of Mario Day serves as a testimony to the high popularity of the beloved character and the dedicated community that surrounds the gaming character. 

There is no record of the exact origins of Mario Day as fans have been celebrating the iconic plumber informally for several years even before it gained official recognition. However, the iconic moment that made Mario Day into the rage that it is today happened in 2016 when Nintendo officially embraced the celebration. 

Nintendo noticed the enthusiasm and passion of the fanbase and started actively participating in the festivities. The company also started promoting both classic and new Mario games, offering special deals, and discounts, and hosting Mario-themed events to attract the gaming community. 

The birth of Mario, as a character dates back to 1981 with the release of Nintendo's "Donkey Kong", marking the debut of this iconic character in the gaming world. 

The Visionary Japanese video game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto is credited with creating the animated design of Mario. 

Miyamoto's influence goes way beyond Mario including other legendary franchises like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Starfox. 

Generally, following the huge success of Mario, the franchise attempted to transition to the silver screen with the release of the movie "Mario Bros" in 1993.

Unfortunately, the film failed to exceed expectations and was met with severe disappointment emphasizing the challenges of translating the success of video games into the success of cinemas. 

The Mario series has remained consistent with its core focus being on delivering gameplay that is both challenging and fun throughout the years. 

Super Mario Bros 2 is historically significant for introducing Princess Peach as one of the first playable female characters in gaming.

Celebrations of Mario Day

There are many ways to celebrate National Mario Day both online and offline. Mario fans all over engage in several activities including playing Mario games, participating in community events, and sharing close Mario memories on social media. 

Nintendo's special promotional events allow fans to enjoy their favorite games at discounted prices. The official website acts as a hub for events related to Mario Day providing fans with information about special in-game activities, contests, and offers. 

Photo of Man Playing Super Mario Bros

Additionally, local gaming stores and cybercafes often host Mario-themed events and tournaments establishing mutual bonds among fans. 

Mario Day is not only a celebration of the iconic character but also a witness to the everlasting appeal of the Mario series. 

Mario Day brings together fans all over the world to celebrate a gaming legacy with new adventures, multiplayer fun, and exciting deals. Join the global celebrations, embrace the Mushroom Kingdom magic, and pay tribute to the iconic character's lasting impact.

Fun Facts About Mario

  • Mario was originally known as "Jumpman" in the game "Donkey Kong."
  • Mario and his brother Luigi are Italian plumbers from Brooklyn, New York.
  • The iconic overalls and mustache were designed to draw attention to Mario's features in early pixelated graphics.
  • Mario's voice actor, Charles Martinet, additionally voices Luigi, Wario, and other characters in the Mario universe.
  • In the 1980s, Nintendo's landlord influenced Mario's design.
  • The concept of magic mushrooms, not the psychedelic kind, but the idea of growing larger, inspired the Super Mushroom.
  • The iconic Mario theme was composed by Koji Kondo, who created one of the most recognizable tunes in gaming history.

National Mario Day
National Mario Day

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