America Recycles Day

Next Friday, 15 November 2024

America Recycles Day also known as National Recycling Day is observed every year on November 15th to raise awareness about the importance of recycling. 

The day intends to educate people about the positive impact it has on the world and the environment and encourage everyone to purchase products that are recyclable. 

Background of America Recycles Day

The National Recycling Coalition established America Recycles Day in 1997. It is sponsored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to educate people on the benefits of recycling and offer many learning resources about the matter. 

Every year the President of the United States is expected to issue a proclamation on November 15 encouraging people to recycle. In 2009, America Recycles Day was adopted into the Keep America Beautiful Campaign. 

Recycling was first introduced in 1971 in Oregon, which passed a beverage container deposit law. Many states followed during the 1970s and 80s with recycling programs, but Americans did not start seriously recycling until recent years.

They were influenced by the many campaigns and information about the benefits of recycling and how it protects the environment. For example, in the 1960s the volume of recycling in the United States was at 7%, and in recent years it has been around 35%.

Recycling has many benefits apart from reducing waste and saving the planet. 

  • It conserves natural resources and saves energy.
  • It helps create more jobs for Americans, with the increase in the recycling industry. 
  • It increases economic security for the country, as it produces a domestic source of new materials. 
  • It prevents pollution.

How to celebrate America Recycles Day

There are many Recycling events around the country for America Recycles Day, check locally to see if any are happening around you.

However, America Recycles Day starts at home, and this is the perfect day to reflect on and improve your recycling habits. You can also educate your family and friends about recycling and encourage them to start doing it as it is very easy. 

You can recycle cardboard, paper, beverage and food cans, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and caps, plastic bags, textiles, and even electronics! All of these can have a new lease of life and be re-purposed if they are recycled.

If you are really committed to recycling, consider buying more secondhand products such as clothes, furniture, replacement parts, and electronics... not only are you saving money, but you are also stopping landfills from being overfilled with waste.

America Recycles Day
America Recycles Day

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