Green Monday

Next Monday, 9 December 2024

Green Monday is a shopping holiday that takes place on the second Monday of December. It is similar to Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, encouraging people to shop online. It has become more and more popular over the years with many websites offering deals and discounts. 

Because of its name, many people confuse it for an environmentally friendly holiday, but in reality, it marks the best day for online sales in December, when people are doing their last-minute Christmas shopping. Many retail giants like Amazon, Target, and Walmart, among others, offer Green Monday deals to entice people to buy from them. 

American bill of money
The dollar bill, also known as a 'Greenback', from which the name 'Green' comes from. 


Green Monday was established in 2007 by the online shopping website eBay. After experiencing an incredibly successful Monday of online shopping. Ebay named the day Green Monday. They had noticed a trend, that there was a particular day in December when sales figures were high.

They concluded that this happened because the second Monday in December is the last Monday occurring at least 10 days before Christmas, making it the last day that people can place their online orders and ensure they arrive before the holidays. 

Stores and online retailers quickly jumped on the Green Monday bandwagon, offering deals and discounts and extending their sales from Black Friday.

After Cyber Monday, Green Monday has grown to be the second biggest online shopping holiday, and in 2011 the total spending on Green Monday went above $ 1 billion for the first time. Since then spending has increased every year, with it now reaching over $3 billion. 

The Meaning of Green

Many people first assume that Green Monday is an environmental holiday. In fact, the green in Green Monday symbolizes the money that is spent on this day. The term green is a slang term for money that derives from 'greenback', a word that describes American dollar bills, historically printed in green ink. 

The amount of sales on Green Monday has exponentially increased over the years, and retailers make billions of dollars during this shopping holiday. Some people and retailers just call it Cyber Monday Two.

What to do on Green Monday

Green Monday is the perfect day to do the last bit of Christmas shopping while getting great deals and avoiding the big crowds of people who gather in stores to buy their Christmas gifts.

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