National Kiss and Make Up Day

Next Sunday, 25 August 2024

No more arguments or fights as National Kiss and Makeup Day is here on August 25. Be it your husband, wife, toddler, classmate, or moody cat, it is time to give them a kiss and mend what's amiss!

There is nothing that a sweet kiss on the lips, forehead, or cheeks cannot fix. National Kiss and Makeup Day is a reminder that life is too short to continue fights and disagreements. 

A man and woman kissing

Who Started National Kiss and Makeup Day

National Kiss and Makeup Day was started by Jacqueline Milton. The intention behind creating this day was to repair the damage in any relationship in a meaningful and sweet way. 

Nobody likes conflict and this is exactly why it needs to be done away with quickly. Kiss is the purest expression of love effectively showing that love conquers all. Thus, take this opportunity to kiss your loved one and melt all the anger away. 

Celebrate National Kiss and Makeup Day

Of course, you kiss your loved one to make up with them but there are several other ways to shove away all the anger and rekindle your relationship with them.

  • You should always be open to both forgiving and asking for forgiveness. Both these traits are essential for a long-lasting relationship.
  • A thoughtful gift goes a long way in making up with someone. A flower, food you prepared, or a simple apology might be enough to make up with the other person.
  • You can also write a letter or card to express your feelings better. Here are some heartfelt messages and quotes that you can include in your letter:

"Words can't express how sorry I am for my actions. I hope you give me another chance because I truly love you."

"You're the strongest, most amazing person I know, and I hate that I let you down. Can you forgive my mistake? I'll do everything to earn back your trust."

"You mean a lot to me and I cannot spend another second without seeing your beautiful smile. Please forgive me"

"I know sorry is not enough but it's a start. I promise to make up for my actions. Please give me a chance"

"Life feels very dull without your beautiful smile and constant chatter. Please give me a chance to make you happy again."

"I baked your favorite cookies, hoping they'd bring a smile to your face. Can we share them over a conversation?" 
(Do bake some cookies to send along with this letter)

  • Communication solves everything. Communicate with your partner, sibling, parents, and friends to let them know that you will always stay by their side.

Importance of Kissing

  • Did you know that kissing burns calories? A simple kiss or two burns 2 to 3 calories each minute!
  • Kissing also helps to reduce stress. It helps release hormones such as oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin that uplift your mood.
  • Saliva contains many important bacterias and fungi which promote better oral health. It also helps defend your body against infection.
  • Have a headache or cramp? Just Kiss! Kissing dilates blood vessels which helps relieve your pain.

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