National Limoncello Day

Next Saturday, 22 June 2024

On June 22nd, pour yourself a glass of limoncello and toast to the underrated, refreshing liquor as it is National Limoncello Day.

National Limoncello Day is celebrated to appreciate the spirit of positivity, strength, and resilience during difficult times. It was about getting something positive out of complicated situations in life, rather like “when life hands you lemons, make limoncello.”

On this day, we are encouraged to look back and celebrate our perseverance strength and the ability to overcome challenges. 

Homemade Limoncello spritz drink of liqueur in cocktail glass

The Story of National Limoncello Day

The story behind the origin of National Limoncello Day is fascinating, dating back to June 22, 2017. Marie Barber and her husband faced a significant crisis, but during a dinner conversation, they discovered that even tough times could be transformed into something beautiful. To commemorate this realization, they toasted with limoncello, adopting the motto 'turning lemons into limoncello.' Marie Barber officially founded the day, and its inaugural celebration took place in 2018. Since then, it has been celebrated with the same uplifting motto.

History of Limoncello

This lemon-flavored drink is known to have Italian origins and is very popular in Italy, especially as an after-dinner drink. It is popularly made in southern Italy, especially around the Amalfi Coast, the Gulf of Naples, and Sicily. 

While the origin of the drink is still unclear, according to Federazione Italiana Industriali Produttori Esportatori ed Importatori di Vini, Acquaviti, Liquori, Sciroppi, Aceti ed affini, an Italian group of industries, limoncello was created first by Maria Antonial Farace's grandmother in a small guesthouse located in Isola Azzura, during the 1900s. 

Some sources claim that limoncello was initially crafted around 100 years ago in Sicily, while others argue that its origins trace back to the Amalfi Coast.

Journalist Kristen Tillotson explores different theories, including the idea of a citrus-grove worker inventing it in the early 1900s or monks and fishermen creating it much earlier.

Celebrating National Limoncello Day In Style

On National Limoncello Day, we urge you to pour yourself a glass of limoncello and enjoy it at the end of a day. If you have some time, you can try out making different cocktails with the liquor and enjoy the tangy sweetness. 

Whip up your own glass of limoncello at home by simply combining water, lemon zest, vodka or gin, and sugar. It is very refreshing and is sure to calm your soul and mind. 

Raise the glass to symbolize your power of transforming hardships to sweet experiences and inspire resilience. Like Marie Barber and her husband, you can celebrate the idea of making the best out of the worst. 

Fun Facts About Limoncello

  • Limoncello is one of the most beloved liqueurs in Italy, as Italians truly cherish the drink.
  • Limoncello has a unique flavor that provides a delightful mix of tartness and sweetness irrespective of the high alcohol content.
  • In Southern Italy, Limoncello is often served complimentary after dinner.
  • Lemons usually from Sorrento, Vico, Equense, Capri, and Lubrense are the best lemons for making limoncello.
  • Lemons for making limoncello are harvested by hand and avoids contact with ground and focused on shape, color and size.
  • The production process includes soaking lemon peels in grain alcohol, followed by adding water and sugar, resting, and freezing.
  • The tangy and tart flavor of limoncello comes from soaking lemon zest in grain alcohol until it releases an oil.

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