National Pink Day

Next Friday, 23 June 2023

National Pink Day is observed on June 23 every year. This day is a celebration of the color pink and everything it represents, such as femininity, softness, childhood, and the romantic. Everyone is encouraged to wear something pink today, both women and men, in what can be seen as an effort to end some of the preconceptions about pink being a color that is only associated with women.

This day should not be confused with International Day of Pink (April 14), a day against homophobic bullying, or with Wear it Pink Day (October 23) which is a day for support and fundraising towards Breast Cancer research.

History of National Pink Day

There are no records of who started celebrating National Pink Day, or when this unofficial holiday was created.

History and Meaning of the Color Pink

The color pink is used to describe a shade of pale red, and was named after a flower of the same name.

The word was first used as a verb during the 14th century, when "to pink" something meant to decorate it with a perforated or punched pattern, by using pinking shears on fabric.

While the color pink has been described in books since ancient times and used in paintings and clothes since the Middle Ages, the word "Pink" was first used to refer to the color in the 17th century after a Dutch flower of the same shade that was named "pinken".

Funnily enough, while today we associate pink with femininity, that wasn't always the case. During the 20th century, boys were dressed in pink and girls in blue. This was because men in England wore red uniforms, and so small boys would be dressed in the paler hue of red. At the time, pink was seen as a stronger and more masculine color than blue.

When pink became seen as a more feminine color, there was an unspoken rule that men shouldn't wear it. However, in recent years this has not been the case, and more men incorporate pink in their clothes and accessories.

Some Facts about the color Pink

  • Because there are so many shades of pink, there are many different ways to describe the color. Some popular ones are blush pink, baby pink, cool pink, dusty pink, and rose.
  • The different shades of pink can have a different effect on the brain. For example, softer pinks are known to be calming and soothing, while brighter pinks (in boxes or plates) are thought to make pastries taste better and look more appetizing.
  • The color pink was not known in China until Chinese people began interacting with Western culture. This is why in the Chinese language the symbol for pink means "foreign color".
  • During World War II, homosexuals were targeted by Nazis and made to wear pink triangles to mark them. This started much of the stigma around pink that existed during that time period.

How to Celebrate National Pink Day

Celebrate this day by wearing some pink, buying some pink flowers for yourself or a special someone, and just enjoy the brightness and tenderness of the color!

Even though it is not the official purpose of this day, you can let it be a reminder to show your support for a cause commonly associated with pink, and donate some money to a LGBTQ+ charity or towards Breast Cancer Research.

National Pink Day
National Pink Day

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